San Antonio tends to be something of a polarizing city for visitors. Some find it to be a very charming and authentic city that’s a lot of fun to explore, particularly around the famous River Walk. Others seem to find the River Walk and similar attractions a little bit cheesy. Whatever your initial impression might be though, San Antonio is a big enough city that it has plenty to offer just about anybody, from bars and clubs to restaurants and sporting events. Here, we’re looking at four of the best ways to spend a night out in the city.

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Said one article labeling this as one of the best restaurants on the River Walk, old-world practices meet locally sourced ingredients at Restaurant Gwendolyn. Indeed the menu has a fresh and delicious reputation and is one of the better eating options for a night out on the River Walk. Beyond the food, however, Gwendolyn also offers an almost uniquely peaceful dining experience for the area. Many restaurants along the River Walk will seat you on ground level where crowds of people are always passing by, which can be festive but not exactly relaxing. Gwendolyn instead has second story seating, including a terrace from which you can look down on the river without being in the thick of things.

AT&T Center

If sports are your thing, the AT&T Center is a must during the lengthy NBA season. This is the home of the San Antonio Spurs, who have become one of the most consistently successful teams in sports. Granted, the team is facing a time of transition. As of this writing there is a possibility the Spurs will part ways with their best player (Kawhi Leonard). Various news and betting platforms have been offering speculation about the recent NBA Draft, and it appears to be perfectly possible that Leonard will be traded now that offseason player movement has begun. One player and story aside though, the Spurs have been a classy and competitive team for two solid decades, and this makes a game at AT&T Center a treat for anyone who appreciates basketball.

The Havana Bar

The Havana Bar is also in the general River Walk area, but really it’s a good nightlife option if you want a more subdued experience that feels separate not just from this area, but from the city as a whole. It’s a lounge-like bar at the base of a hotel, with dim lighting, comfortable seating, and creative cocktails. By description it’s not a wildly inventive concept, but it’s a favorite San Antonio bar, and one of those places that just gets the little things right.


This is just one of the more original bars in town. Located on the rooftop of a law building just off the river, it’s a very sophisticated indoor/outdoor space that will serve pastries and coffee during the day before morphing into a high-end cocktail establishment at night. While it’s not exactly a club, you do get more of a nightlife vibe in the evenings, and it’s ultimately one of those bars that just feels special. In a write-up on his own talents (he’s essentially been recruited to mix drinks for massive events), owner Chris Ware said that he hoped his establishment would serve as his patrons’ mistress when they needed to get away. It’s a bit of an odd description, but in a less-than-serious way, it fits.


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