Contest Rules & FAQ

Guidelines for Contestants & Rules for Giveaways

FunCity Stuff may have goods, services or gift certificates (paper or electronic) to offer fans of TO CLAIM A PRIZE, you must live in Texas. We always appreciate your help spreading the word about our sponsors no matter where in the world you are, but winners need to be in Texas. Some contests may have their own guidelines, requirements and rules, and these will be clearly listed on their own landing pages, and will supersede those listed here.

We reserve the right to cross-post our contests and/or prizes and giveaways across all of our media: blog, instagram, Facebook, newsletter and/or Twitter and other platforms at any given time, with differing information or guidelines. If you share across platforms, you receive an additional entry – each profile receives its own entry. We have not encountered abuse of this as of yet, so we continue to offer this as a value for our fans and followers.

Social media giveaways

If you want to win, be in Texas, preferably North Texas.

You can win a prize ONLY ONCE EVERY SIX MONTHS. If you won free food at a restaurant, you can’t win tickets to a show until SIX months have passed, for example.

Every RT, post or share will get you another chance at winning.

You are not obligated to follow on social, but it would be nice of you.

You are not obligated to get a picture of you at the restaurant or venue, but it would be awesome of you.

By claiming a prize, you acknowledge that FunCity Stuff is administrator of the contest, not of the prize, and as such, is held harmless if you or someone in your party have or has an undesirable experience from, with or caused by your prize.

Neither FunCity Stuff nor the Sponsor is responsible for lost, stolen or misdirected mail.We can forfeit your prize if you have not responded to three attempts at contacting you. For concert tickets, we need you to claim the prize within 12 hours, preferably sooner. We can’t replace a prize that has expired, if the Sponsor has gone out of business, if the prize did not arrive in the mail in time or at all, or for any other reason.

At any point we may require your mailing address to send you the prize via USPS (paper tickets, for example); you will need to provide us with a correct and working email address so that you can receive electronic tickets either from us or from the prize sponsor. 

We do not check ID. If a prize requires the ATTENDEE to be 21 years of age or older, the winner will be asked to take appropriate identification to the venue for confirmation. We are not responsible if you cannot gain entry for any reason into an event for which you have won tickets through

We reserve the right to change Contest and/or Giveaway info at any time, for any reason.​

How we choose winners:

For blog/newsletter signups or entries, we draw from an Excel spreadsheet and use, or an automated random number generator. For blog commenters only, we draw names from the post’s comments and include them in all others who have entered the contest from all platforms/sources.

For instagram-only, same as above.

For Twitter and Facebook, at this time, we write names/handles on paper and draw from a hat. We accumulate these during the run of the contest and draw. We may or may not include an image of that name.

For a single-prize campaign that runs on a variety of platforms, we may use a variety of tools to draw the winner. Winners are drawn from a pool of valid entries.

– We may shift the end time or date of the contest, especially if there have been fewer than five entries. We reserve the right to do this at any time, for any reason. We make every attempt to notify our contestants of changes, but every entry has the same chance of winning, regardless of timing.

– Along the same lines, we may extend the life, breadth and scope of the contest at any time. We may add more prizes, reduce the prize (only in an instance where a Sponsor has done so and we have no recourse), or market or promote it heavily.

– We may or may not announce winners. We are under no obligation to make that information public. When we choose a winner, we notify the winner in the following way:Direct Message or Mention on TwitterFacebook Private Message or public postEmail if it’s availableInstagram commentBlog reply. Music, shows, comedy: These have a very short lead time and we need to hear back from winners within 12 hours of our announcing you as the winner. After 12 hours, we reserve the right to draw another name, and you forfeit the prize without recourse or remuneration.


While this has yet to happen, sometimes Sponsors or their brands, products or services can go out of business before you can redeem your prize. We CANNOT replace the prize, but you are then eligible to win one of our contests within three months and the three-month waiting period doesn’t apply to you. Sponsors commit to a prize in good faith and we expect them to follow through.

Twitter contests:

We will ask for you to Retweet (RT) a specified post. In good faith, we ask that you follow us on Twitter and to follow our giveaway sponsor as well. These are not requirements to becoming a winner, however. This does encourage contest sponsors to continue providing tickets and goods for us to give away, however.

Brunch ShoutOut Giveaway:

Restaurants, diners, food services and markets offer a giveaway of food value. These may or may not have an expiration, which we are not responsible for. Winners of these types of food prizes need to live within a 50 mile radius of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We would ask that when you redeem your prize, you share a picture of you at the venue, and/or the meal you are enjoying. This gives our Sponsors an added promotional boost, which in turn encourages more Giveaway Sponsors.

Facebook contests:

Sharing a relevant contest post to your page with a public setting allows for one entry into our contest. Sometimes a fan page Like is requested also, for both FunCity and the Sponsor, but these are NOT required to win.

Facebook-specific rules that ALWAYS apply to contests we run on our FunCityStuffDFW fan page:


– By participating, each participant grants us permission to use his/her/business name, contest entry, likeness or comments for publicity (or future marketing purposes).

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

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