The entire supermarket offers a firsthand experience of Asian American culture, and it’s full of surprises.

You can get everything from rice to baked red bean cake to live finless eels. In fact, there’s a vase retailer near one of the entrances that sells five-foot-tall hand painted vases. I would tell you the name of the store, but I don’t know how to read kanji. Despite not being able to read all of the signs, you could easily spend a few hours exploring.  I strolled past the grocery section of the complex, featuring decorative displays of crepes in the window and simple signage that says “Crepes For U” above the doorway.

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Storefront where Crepes for U resides

Crepes For U had a warm and inviting atmosphere that made me feel at ease.

All photos by Gernelle Nelson Photography

When I walked into this cozy shop, I was greeted by music reminiscent of a Hayao Miyazaki film. The store setup is minimalistic and calming. A colorful, larger-than-life menu hangs on the wall above a bench near the cash register. Just like the shop, the menu is simple and offers 13 crepe options to savor. A few of the crepes offer unique combinations. 

The Kiwi Peewee is a mix of kiwis, lemon sauce and fresh whipped cream. The Venice Crepe is a blend of peaches, chocolate sauce and fresh cream. Choose a scoop of ice cream to add another layer of creamy goodness — there are eight flavors to choose from, including macha (green tea)!

Ice cream by Gernelle Nelson

Eight Ice cream flavors at Crepes For U

The owner, Paul Pokachaipatt, will brighten your day.

Paul is an outgoing man. Originally from Taiwan, he moved to the states in 1985 to further his education. While visiting France and Japan, he experienced the local food, including each country’s unique styles of crepe. This inspired him to start Crepes For U in 2007. During the week, Paul is likely to be the only person working behind the counter.

Storefront by Gernelle Nelson

My crepe of choice: The Romeo

He made me feel welcome with conversation and his kind demeanor. He prepared each crepe to order, and asked if I preferred my crepe soft, medium or crunchy. While I explained what I do for a living, he poured batter onto one of his burners and spread it into a circular shape using a tool that looks like a small wooden push broom.

These crepes are made with fresh ingredients.

Mine, mine, all mine.

As my crepe was cooking, Mr. Pokachaipatt slices up fruit. He selected two juicy strawberries for my Romeo Crepe. Pausing to lay my crunchy shell onto the counter, he laid the strawberry slices in v-formation and added whipped cream to the base. After adding a scoop of ice cream, he topped everything with hazelnut sauce and carefully wrapped the crepe into a triangle. By this point, my mouth was watering. It smelled delicious! After placing it into a paper cone, he handed me the Romeo and offered tips on how to eat it  … little did he know that I’m an expert at eating things! 

Storefront by Gernelle NelsonStorefront by Gernelle Nelson

 For the next 10 minutes, my husband drove us home to the sounds of one happy woman munching on a fresh, crunchy crepe!

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