Travelers who are lucky enough to visit Japan will tell you that it’s a vibrant place, teeming with rich culture and traditions. Its beautiful cherry blossoms and tasty food draw hordes of tourists every year. Thankfully, you don’t have to fly all the way to Asia to experience some of what Japan has to offer, as Dallas has select shops and restaurants that will help you do just that:

Enjoy matcha ice cream from Mecca Matcha

Image credit: Plano Magazine

The matcha craze is showing no signs of stopping, and Mecca Matcha’s successful opening last year is a testament to that. The quaint dessert and tea place seems to have every variation of the plant — from ice-blended drinks and floats to shaved ice and soft serve. Mecca Matcha promises an authentic taste of Japan, as they get their matcha straight from Kyoto! An article on Time explains how the finest matcha comes from Japan, and it is part of their culture to grow the plant that is essential in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. While the experience in Mecca Matcha is not exactly traditional, you’ll certainly satisfy your sweet tooth with their yummy matcha parfait or matcha ice cream.

Go grocery shopping at Mitsuwa Marketplace

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If you’re trying to improve your palette or just want to be more adventurous with your diet, Mitsuwa Marketplace has everything you need to experiment with Japanese food. Mitsuwa is twice the size of your average Trader Joe’s at 25,775 square feet, and has been dubbed the Japanese version of Whole Foods. Its unique selection of delicious takeout meals is meant to encourage shoppers to try authentic Japanese food in the comfort of their home. You can take home a selection of food like fresh sashimi, quail eggs, bonito flakes, or even Japanese beer. Even if you only end up buying a few items, it’s definitely worth it to just walk around the expansive marketplace that truly feels like it’s straight out of Japan.

Try sushi from Hana Hibachi & Sushi

Image credit: USA Restaurants

There are quite a few Japanese restaurants you can visit in Dallas, thanks to the ever-growing local Japanese community. However, Hana Hibachi & Sushi stands out from the rest with its talented Hibachi chefs cooking up delicious food. Expatbets highlights the wide assortment of food available from Japan’s several regions, with some standout dishes like sushi, tempura, sashimi, and ramen. All of these are available at Hana Hibachi & Sushi, and more — they have lo mein, bento boxes, miso, and even tempura ice cream. The restaurant is ideal for both romantic dates or a family dinner, as anyone is welcome to sit back and enjoy entertaining performances by the Hibachi chefs while they prepare mouthwatering food.

Buy knick-knacks at Daiso

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Daiso caused quite a commotion when it opened last year, with long waiting lines both inside and outside of the store. No one can blame the shoppers for the excitement, as this store really is one of a kind. While it may not be the most practical place to shop, Daiso is a fun and light-hearted store where you can get your dose of retail therapy. You can get a variety of cheap Japanese products here, whether you’re into face masks or craving a quick snack, you’ll surely find something you like in one of its packed aisles.

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