Don’t you just love the holidays, with the lights, the music, the FOOD … and the gift-giving! I sure do. But my garage is so full, it’s gotten out of hand, you guys. My goal on this blog and in my life this season is to make this an Out of the Box holiday. Sharing an experience may have more heart-to-heart value than one more thing to regift, toss or “cherish” in the back of the closet.

So here’s my rant in the voice of the Grinch when he’s examining the Who’s goods:

Andi Reis as the Grinch Stole Christmas

Happy in Whoville, when not wading through regifted crap.

The Not-So-Fun Stuff!
It sneaks in as gifts, as premiums or swag. It comes in blister packages, boxes and bags.​ Some of it’s new, and some of it’s used; Lots of it useless, or downright abused. Why did I keep this? I wonder aloud. Mismatched blumbloopas make no one proud. Pens with dry ink; I own more keychains than cars. Baubles with logos, coasters from bars. VHS tapes, two irons, three mugs;Blamboozles in triplicate covered in cobwebs and bugs. Technology outdated and plastic galore. Memorabilia that I don’t recall where it came from anymore. I lift it up high, on shelves with a ladder. I set it down low, and it drops with a clatter.Pantookas to the left and jingtinglers to the right… It’s all in my way and there’s no end in sight! My closets full of boxes, the boxes full of STUFF. This holiday, I think: Enough is enough!

Love, Andi

So to kick off this newfound resolve, I reached out to a few venues and brands who are kindly becoming our Holiday Out of the Box Giveaway Sponsors right through the Christmas season. You’ll have opportunities to be entered into drawings for:

Click the button below to learn more about the Holiday Performance Giveaways at the American Airlines Center.


We will update the blog with more links, Fun Stuff and giveaways! If you’d like to contribute as a Giveaway Sponsor, contact us at info at funcitystuff dot com

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