Photography by Gernelle Nelson, LLC. Please credit Gernelle Nelson if using these photos.

This past Saturday night, after a full day of working, my husband Brandon and I hopped into our truck and hit the road for Addison. Cars were lined up and down every block. We ended up paying a small fee for a parking space at a nearby shop which had closed for the night. On our way to Circle Park, we admired the restaurants and parks that Addison is famous for like the Mad Batter Bakery.

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taste of Addison 2016taste of Addison 2016

Crowds gathered at the entrance for Taste Addison on Saturday evening. 

After ten minutes of walking, Brandon spotted a large orange sign with white letters that read “Welcome to Taste of Addison.” There was a large crowd clamoring to pay admission and gain entrance into Circle Park. Thanks to our friends at FunCity Stuff DFW, [Ed. Note: ~Coy curtsy~] my husband and I bypassed general admission lanes for a speedy processing though the advanced ticketing gate.

Sports Clip booth at Taste of AddisonSports Clip booth at Taste of Addison

This sweet high schooler and I chatted about photography at the Sports Clips booth.

Just past the entrance, we could see clusters of vendor tents and tons of people. Many of them were resting, chatting and eating savory treats on the lawn. Zeigenbock, one of the event sponsors, hosted a beer-tasting lounge called “Kinda Legendary.” Needless to say, the beer garden was packed.

People chowing down under umbrellas at Taste of AddisonPeople chowing down under umbrellas at Taste of Addison

Tons of people gathered on the grass and under umbrellas to chow down and chat.

After we swapped our cash for tickets, we followed our noses to the nearest food tents. There were so many great options to choose from but we started our snacking at the Top Golf tent. They were giving away pulled pork sliders with chipotle sauce to everyone who signed up for their mailing list. To Brandon’s delight, we even scored a $10 coupon for our next visit! With our mouths still watering, we wandered over to the Blue Mesa booth for a crunchy chicken tomatillo taco. It was so delicious!

The view of Addison Circle Park from the entrance.The view of Addison Circle Park from the entrance.

The view of Addison Circle Park from the entrance.

With some food on our stomachs, we explored the grounds and stopped to watch a live food demonstration. Chef Joe Chow cooked up a yummy looking plate of sesame chicken in an outdoor kitchen in front of a group of onlookers lounging in the grass. His demonstration was displayed on a huge screen so no matter where you sat, you could see and hear him, loud and clear. This demo sparked our appetites so we headed over to the Stadium tent for some ghost pepper and barbecue wings.

taste-of-addison-14Taste of Addison Foodie

The sun began to set as we walked into the carnival area towards even more goodies. We finished our snacking with a hand-dipped foot long corn dog and a funnel cake that was cooked to perfection!! Thinking back on it, we should have bought two of each so we could have taken them home for seconds!

Pulled pork sliders at Taste of AddisonPulled pork sliders at Taste of Addison

My husband had no problem chowing down on the yummy pulled pork sliders.

There was no way Brandon was going to let us leave without jumping on a few rides. We strapped ourselves in and were spun until our bodies stuck to the walls of the Zero Gravity ride. After that, the spinning wheel tilted until we were almost suspended vertically. I would have taken a picture but we were too busy screaming and laughing our heads off at the same time.

Taking a spin at the Taste of AddisonTaking a spin at the Taste of Addison

These attendees took a spin as the sun was setting.

Games at the Taste of AddisonGames at the Taste of Addison

The kiddos loved fishing at this classic booth.

Carnival at Taste of AddisonCarnival at Taste of Addison

We had our last laughs on the ferris wheel and made plans to attend next year’s Taste Addison. We could see the entire carnival from the top as well as the city lights in the distance. We could hear Band Perry starting up their gig as we headed out of the gates towards our car. We had a blast, to say the least, and plan to come back in July for the air show. Addison is the place to go if you want to be surrounded by great restaurants and beautiful scenery. What does Addison taste like? Delicious!

Taste of Addison food sampleTaste of Addison food sample

FunCity Stuff  DFW was provided with two  gratis passes to Taste Addison. We passed them onto local professional photographer Gernelle who provided us, at no recompense, with photos and a review of her experience at Taste Addison. Separately, Taste Addison granted us four giveaway passes – the giveaway winner was Angela M.

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