Are you the kind of gamer that likes to sit alone on the couch in your underwear with chee-tohs dust on your fingertips in front of a 42” TV or tiny phone screen?! Well, you’re my kinda friend! But you’ll want to put on pants and bring your gaming-crazed family to a pretty cool Minecraft league coming up that will put you in front of the biggest screen of all: Super League Gaming in a movie theater!

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Minecraft Metropolis Madness

Minecraft is going big, REALLY big, the BIGGEST EVER, as if it wasn’t already the most popular video game on the planet! Take your laptop to the Cinemark Legacy in Plano or the iPic in Fairview starting on Wednesday, October 19, and plug in to play with your online (and real-life) friends for four Wednesday afternoons in a row!

Getting ready for the Madness

  • Clear your Wednesday afternoons between October 19 and November 9 from 4-6:00ish.
  • Make sure you have Minecraft installed on your laptop and you know how to play.
  • Buy the four-week league play pass. (Only players pay, so parents/siblings who are just part of the cheering section can come at no charge.)

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It’s like getting a week free! Use code DALLAS to get $20 off your League Pass when you check out!

  • Know your t-shirt size so you can collect that FREE sweet Super League tee on the first day!
  • You will be put into a team the day of the event.

What to expect when you get there

  • Build and battle, playing a variety of exclusive games.
  • Make new friends and game alongside them, week after week.
  • There are many formats in the custom maps that you may experience.
  • The movie screen offers a bird’s-eye view of the strategy, and your laptop allows your first-person play.
  • Raise your hand if you need help – the Action Squad is onsite to help you!


  • Super secret savings code DALLAS gets you $20 off when you checkout!
  • The concessions stand is OPEN! You can refuel during all that Mayhem!
  • Grown-ups: All ages can play, but expect a theater with mostly 6- to 16-year-olds.
  • Charge up your laptop like crazy – you want to make sure you have plenty of power.

Has your gamer been wanting that network play on a REALLY BIG SCREEN? Now’s your chance to get ’em signed up for Super League Gaming starting Wednesday, October 19!

Learn more about Super League Gaming on their YouTube channel.

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