What Nots: Mushrooms stuffed with three cheeses in savory garlic butter at Chef Point

Woo! So much beautiful food! What did you guys eat today?

​Did you know that one of the DFW-local “gas stations” featured on Food Network‘s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives actually offers five-star cuisine? And they have a dog-friendly patio WITH a DOGGIE MENU! Doggie-bags are so basic. Now you can order Fido’s Fabulous Fare straight off the menu, hot and fresh.

The people food looks kind of amazing, too. This Bloody Mary…

Funday Fooze, they call it. I call it “BACK OFF. IT’S MINE.”

Giveaway Sponsor: Iron Fork by Whole Foods


We cannot, canNOT do giveaways without the community and consortium of our cohorts in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton and mid-cities areas. Thank you for your retweets, shares and all-around love to our sponsors!!! THAT SAID…

Dallas Observer Iron Fork Chef Competition 2016Dallas Observer Iron Fork Chef Competition 2016

Look at this list! You need to be there.

The Dallas Observer Iron Fork Chef Competition is THIS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27. They are offering $10 off PER TICKET, so if you’ve been wanting to go, now’s the time (and the savings) to indulge. There are a TON of chefs and vendors with cocktails and wines galore. I nearly didn’t give up these tickets for the giveaway JUST SO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU.​

So delicious! So close!

So delicious!  So close!

Leave a comment by 5p TOMORROW (Mon, Apr 25) for your chance at TWO tickets to the Iron Fork Chef Event at Centennial Hall in Fair Park, Dallas. All you fine people who have RT’d on Twitter, you’re entered too.

What else did we talk about during #BrunchShoutout … Oh, yeah!

  • Willhoite’s $15 AYCE boofay in Grapevine
  • Whataburger Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit
  • Have you tried Corner Bakery’s pancakes yet, you guys? They’re unreal.
  • Norma’s Cafe got a vote of confidence from According to Society on Twitter!
  • Crossroads Diner – mimosas, and pecan buns and hash, oh my!
  • Sliders at Fred’s Texas Cafe
  • The lovely, lovely baked goods at Black Rooster Bakery in Fort Worth
  • Some of my fave guys in Denton, podcasters Denton Dallas & Beyond reco Sushi Motto in Denton.
  • Fixture – Near Southside in Fort Worth
  • We are trying real hard to get Taste of Addison to participate in a May #BrunchShoutOut giveaway, so go on Twitter and give ’em a loving little nudge.
  • Cinnamon Pancake Sliders at Pink Magnolia Dallas, ya’ll.

Have a great week and MAY YOU EAT IN PEACE!

We have not been compensated by the aforementioned list nor Chef Point for the ridiculous fawning all over their Bloody Mary. Norma’s Cafe, Corner Bakery, Crossroads Diner and Dallas Observer have all graciously offered tickets, passes and/or free food at one time or another and will ALWAYS HAVE OUR LOVE.​

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