It’s no secret that Instagram is my favorite social media platform. Sure, I enjoy catching up with friends on Facebook and exchanging witty repartee on Twitter. But in comparison, Instagram is just so chill. Look at pictures, “click in” or swipe once in a while for captions or galleries, and best of all, press that little heart as many or as few times as you want. It’s easy to post and share too.

Pictures of everyday life are the currency of Instagram, and that makes it possible to share and review a wide variety of photos. Some look professional, some definitely don’t. Some are clearly staged and many are beautifully candid. From everyday moments to moments of glory, Instagram stands ready to make you smile.

Its only drawback is all those food pictures. Now, I love food, and I love looking at food almost as much as I enjoy eating it. But sometimes, you just don’t want to see another single food photo. Maybe you don’t want to see dazzling ice cream images in the middle of a challenging diet day. Maybe the shots of that hot new Laotian spot are making your brown bag lunch less appetizing.

Whatever your reason, I’m sure it’s a good one. So I set out to find a few DFW area Instagram accounts that rarely (if ever) share food pics. These accounts are from all around North Texas and there’s a wide assortment of photo styles for you to look at. Check these out, pick a few and say goodbye to Instagram-inspired drooling. Candy may be dandy, but eye candy is even better.

[Note from Kristina: Instagram photos in this article have been shared with permission, but the collages are my own work, designed to demonstrate the style of featured accounts (and to tell a story. Please use the links below to enjoy and appreciate the accounts directly on Instagram.]


Nelson the Golden Doodle

You can watch Nelson’s antics with his doggie bros, Pirsig, Edwin, and Walter. Sometimes they’re out seeing iconic sights in Dallas, and sometimes they’re just doing doggie things. What they always are is adorable. If your life is temporarily a pet-free zone, you can live vicariously through this Instagram account.

PAAS (Arlington) TX

This volunteer-run account shares professional looking photos of pups that can be adopted from Arlington’s Animal Services. Follow this account or a PAAS or other shelter account near you until you’re ready to bring home a fur baby for your family.


Goat Yoga Richardson

If yoga makes you happy, then goat yoga makes you deliriously happy. Adorable goats walk around and over you as you ease (or struggle) into your poses. Goat Yoga Richardson’s Instagram profile has a story for each of those little goat cuties. If that doesn’t immediately make you want to assume some variation of the child’s pose, I don’t know what will.

KDB Creative

Brit has got a flair for mixing deep thoughts with her eye on the mood of DFW. Sometimes we get to see her with friends or out on the town but often we see what she sees. Brit’s no selfie-queen. She takes pics with her iPhone, putting the rest of us casual phone shooters to shame. She’s generous too—she sends her pics on request so that we can share them here on the site.

DFW Sights by KDB Creative

Images by KDB Creative.  

The Studio Aerial Arts & Fitness

Inventive yoga isn’t all about goats, you know. There’s puppy and kitten yoga too, lol. But the most entertaining yoga that doesn’t involve small creatures is aerial yoga. It’s fun to watch and (I assume) fun to do too. Follow The Studio Aerial Arts & Fitness for some eye-popping poses on poles, hoops, and silks.


Arlington Motorsports

Maybe you like your sports even more daring. Arlington motorsports shares action photos of popular vehicle brands along with photos of customers with their new purchases. It’s enough to make you want to take up a new hobby.

Texas Highways

If looking at vehicles makes you want to hit the road, Texas Highways will show you some places you simply must go.



If you want to add some humor to your Insta feed, follow ThatsBullzerk. This local t-shirt company will keep you in stitches. (See what I did there.) My favorites are the ones that pun ormake fun of DFW suburbs, but there’s something for the mildest to the wildest sense of humor here.

Irving Police Department

I‘m loving that laugh-at-yourself humor on display at this local police department’s social media. Irving PD caught my eye with their swearing-in, birthday, and retirement pics mixed in with community events and K-9 team fun. The donut jokes (and more laughs) are just a bonus.


Alarcon Studios

Sometimes you just want to look at pretty pictures. I looked for an account with some great, scenic quinceanera pics and found this one. Even if you don’t have a daughter (or if she’s still a tot or grown and gone), you’ll want to see these quince pics. They’re jaw-dropping, and Alarcon Studios has done some lovely wedding and engagement photos too.

Joseph Haubert

This professional photographer is the undisputed king of the Dallas skyline. Follow him for some dreamy and artistic highway scenes and cityscapes. Featured photo is by Joseph Haubert Photography. [Editor’s Note: It’s no secret we have been longtime fans of Joseph’s work. His generosity and talent is unparalleled. We can’t recommend him highly enough. ~Andi]


Shot by Julio

Sometimes simple things lie at the heart of magnificent things. Photos on this account are taken with an iPhone and range from downtown buildings, to Deep Ellum murals, to Bishop Arts charm. The photo stream is pretty Dallas-centric, but occasionally expands to fun places in DFW. It’s my favorite of all the “Dallas area scenery” accounts I follow.

Downtown Plano

Fun places make great artistic photo subjects, but people do too Downtown Plano’s account has a nice mix of the businesses in the area and local people enjoying them.



There’s art in the everyday too. While he’s known in Dallas-Fort Worth-Denton as a talented painter, Eric Mancini’s industrial style art photography of buildings and construction is what caught my eye.

Hike DFW

Construction is no worry when your everyday scenery is the natural kind. HikeDFW shares fun (and inspiring) photos from hike and bike trails all over North Texas


Plant and Sip DFW

If you want to bring some nature indoors, check out Plant and Sip DFW’s Instagram. If you hadn’t noticed, small succulent gardens and terrariums are the latest in the craft class craze. View project materials, finished products, and party scenes on this fun IG account.

Messina Hof Winery

This one’s definitely more sip than plant – you’ll see wine pics by the glass and by the bottle. This account also features pics of events at the winery and grapes from the vineyard.


Oak Cliff Love

Sometimes all that beautiful scenery is marred by litter. This account tells a graphic tale of picking up litter in some of Dallas’s loveliest areas. Follow along to support the movement or join the quest in your part of DFW.

Keep Flower Mound Beautiful

It looks like this account just started up very recently, but it’s already got some beautiful pics and great green-living tips. I expect that more beautiful Flower Mound scenery and volunteer projects are on the way from this group.



Whether you’re looking for a perfect signature outfit with a retro flair or just enjoying some Mad Men-flavored nostalgia, Vintage Tex is a fun feed with some very groovy clothing and accessories. The Bedford retail store also sells pieces on Etsy, so if you act quickly, you can purchase any must-have items your find.

Mid-Cities Modern Quilters

Quilting is enjoying a resurgence as a hobby – and not just among boomers. Lots of young seamstresses are ready to give quilting a try. Follow this group for inspiration or just to admire their clever (and thoroughly modern) quilt patterns.


Square in Denton

Sometimes gritty, sometimes impish, this account’s candids from Denton’s music scene are expertly styled and always very real. The account name must imply the courthouse square in town because the people in these pictures (and the one behind the camera) are anything but square.

Water Tower Theatre

Actors and scenes from the theatre’s productions take center stage on this account. Keep up with the Addison theatre company’s shows and season, with a few chuckles thrown in to boot.


Denton Gallery

Denton Gallery works to get shows and exposure for Denton area artists, photographers, and musicians. The art on display ranges from clever to jaw-dropping, and the variety of venues displaying local work is pretty impressive too.

Craft Guild of Dallas

For almost 70 years, the guild has provided arts and crafts instruction in the Dallas area. Their Instagram feed shows pictures of class projects and artists’ works.


Fort Worth Historical

A little bit of history can be fun, and this account has some great pics from the past and the present. You really will be blown away by some of the sights from Cowtown’s last hundred years or so.

Shop Small Fort Worth

This group supports and connects local artists, craftsmen & small businesses – and they make it look fun. This brightly colored IG feed showcases vendors and products and people and places. And did I say it was colorful – I did, and it is!


Frisco Fresh Market

This newly opened market in McKinney is currently showcasing vendors and their products. Look for more photos of market stalls and shoppers as the outdoor market business grows. Indoor market stalls are coming sometime in 2019.

Visit McKinney

Convention and Visitors Bureaus are great resources for travel and vacation planning. Visit McKinney’s IG stream makes you want to do exactly that.


Sandy Lake Park

What’s more fun to check out than an amusement park? Sandy Lake Park is known in the North Texas for its swimming pool and amusement rides. It’s also remembered fondly for annual events like the long-time tradition of FunFest – a high school choir, band, and orchestra competition. Classic car shows and birthday celebrations make an appearance on this Insta account too.

Dallas Zoo

Fun animals, baby animals, cute animals, animal keepers – all of the above! Looks like we’re right back where we started with an adorable animal account to follow. I hope you’ve found an Instagram account to follow that will make your day.

Let us know if you love any of these finds, or share your favorites in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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Featured Image courtesy of Joseph Haubert

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