To be perfectly honest, I’m not a green thumb. I bought a tiny souvenir cactus from the Grand Canyon and it was a dead stick just weeks after bringing it home. Months later, my daughter said, “Did you know this cactus is dead?” I didn’t even KNOW it was dead. It was just … spindly! Aren’t they supposed to be spindly? I mean, in hindsight it used to be green, not gray…

So when Plant & Sip reached out to me and asked if we wanted to come play in the dirt and make our own terrariums, my first reaction was why would they want me around plants?? But I’m doing it anyway because I am committed to getting out more in 2017, laughing, experiencing new things, and killing more succulents. 

What is Plant & Sip?

Photo from Plant & Sip Facebook

Are you familiar with one of those paint classes that you attend en masse, and everyone paints the same instructor-led picture that you take home? There’s usually a beverage and snacks that the host brings. In the case of Plant & Sip, you get to make your own terrarium but you don’t HAVE to get a group together or bring snacks or drinks. You just go and have fun and relax because it’s all ready for you and you’re done in a little under two hours. At the end of the evening, you bring home your terrarium. They hold the events at fun locations all over the metroplex.

This is the terrarium we will make on May 25th at Nash Farm! There’s no place like gnome.

That said, you should come to our Plant & Sip night at the Nash Farm in Grapevine, even if plants really aren’t your thing. It’s Thursday, May 25th, from 7-8:30pm. I figure we can dish the dirt LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY. We rustled up a super special real money-off deal so tickets are only $27 per person for that night. (Just remember to use code: FUNCITYSTUFF40 when you check out.) 

Can’t make that night? That’s okay – we won’t get to meet your smiling, daisy faces, but you can still dig up a great deal. When you’re checking out use FUNCITYSTUFF50 until July 12th, 2017, to get FIFTY PERCENT off the ticketed price on other Plant & Sip events.

Come dish the dirt with us! Pic courtesy of Plant & Sip.

Disclosure: A simple invitation was handed down from Plant & Sip to join the fun at no cost to us, and we ran with it, but we didn’t receive payment. This is fun stuff we can’t miss.

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