Updated November 28, 2018

Whether visiting the Dallas area for the first time, exploring North Texas with visitors, or just getting ready for a date night in Dallas, we think you’ll be wowed by shows at the American Airlines Center, and the rooms at super close DoubleTree at Dallas Market Center. What’s better than a night on the town with some of your favorite people? 

Experiencing Dallas anew

It’s not always easy to decide where to go and what to do, so we want to share with you our amazing night out to enjoy Trans-Siberian Orchestra and a stay at the Dallas Market Center Hilton DoubleTree hotel. For 2018, the TSO show is nearly sold out, so hurry if that’s on your list for this year. But there’s still so much to do in Dallas!

You may be familiar with the famous DoubleTree cookie and their Culture of Care. If not, here’s how it works: the front desk makes sure all guests get a hot, fresh chocolate chip cookie when checking in. These are always a highlight! Two of us got a cookie, and two had to wait. We had to call down after about an hour, but the last two cookies finally did get delivered to our room. IT’S THE PRINCIPAL OF THE THING. Because cookies.

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Hard to beat a balcony view from the 10th floor.

Don’t be fooled — Amanda never irons anything.

The four of us headed downstairs to stalk other amenities, such as the bar and fitness center. The fitness center in this Dallas hotel is brand new, and all of us had eaten too much at Fearing’s up the street to go into beast-mode. The center is newly updated and would make for a decent workout. 

DoubleTree Hilton Fitness Center Newly Remodeled Dallas Market CenterDoubleTree Hilton Fitness Center Newly Remodeled Dallas Market Center

Photo courtesy of DoubleTree Hilton Dallas Market Center

At the bar in the lobby

After taking in the mind-blowing Trans-Siberian Orchestra performance (our first time ever!)—a Dallas holiday institution at the American Airlines Center—we had just a quick drink in the DoubleTree DMC’s downstairs bar. We were giddy after such an energetic day. 

Bathroom vanity with welcoming touches

The Next Morning at the DoubleTree

We had a restful night. There were a couple of loud door slams that seemed to come out of nowhere, but after midnight, we didn’t encounter much noise. The bathroom was clean and well appointed. The water pressure in the shower was glorious!

As is with most of our outings, we grade heavily on how well we eat. I can tell you that the breakfast buffet at the Double Tree Hilton DMC Terranova Cafe will go down in history as being in our top-five of hotel breakfasts. And so, on a Monday morning, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast with more options than I’ve ever encountered at a hotel cafe recently. I present you …

Whole fruit & cereals/granola…

…and cut fruit, sweet berries, cottage cheese & more

Hot buffet bar – bacon, eggs, potatoes, etc.

They had self-serve juices, and a server checked on us frequently. There was a curio of breads: croissants, bagels, toasting bread, muffins plus a rack of those teeny, tiny glass jars of preserves. (I still have a couple in my cabinet ~cough~ I LOVE THOSE THINGS!) Everything tasted fresh and good. The berries and croissants were my favorites! 


Checking out

We were happy to see a to-go station of Starbucks coffee with all the trimmings. You can bet we happily saddled up with some steaming Pike Place.

To-go Starbucks really makes a nice sendoff!

While we could have just left our keys on the armoir in the room, we took them down to the front desk to have a final conversation. They asked about our night, and we took some final notes. Checkout itself was a breeze, and the bill was accurate (we put the martini and bartender tip on our room tab).

We had attentive service and were impressed by the amenities and small touches that top off a good experience into a memorable one. We even struck up a conversation with a father & son at the table next to us at breakfast who said they come to Dallas every year to stay at this specific DoubleTree and see a show at the AAC.

Final thoughts

This is an inviting hotel with comforting perks that I found particularly nice. At the heart of the Design District, close to Victory Park, we give our experience a high-five, a bouquet of stars and air-kisses. We will definitely be back. Let us know if you go this weekend and what YOUR experience was like!

Photo courtesy of DoubleTree Hilton at Dallas Market Center

What’s nearby

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Be a tourist in your hometown, taking in the sights and sharing with your people. If you’re looking for a weekend or date night in Dallas while you’re at the State Fair, or planning ahead to catch a show at American Airlines Center, we can recommend the DoubleTree at Dallas Market Center. After a high-bar experience with some great (but not overpriced) amenities and top-line customer service over the holidays, we can vouch for it to our readers. 

The FunCity Stuff team was offered two rooms and breakfast at the DoubleTree Hilton Dallas Market Center and four tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in exchange for an honest review of our experience. 

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