If you are tired of the toy aisle at the local mega store then pack up the family and check out one of the local toy stores in Dallas. Have you been looking for that special Nintendo set or that unusual Lisa Frank item? If so, one of these stores listed below most likely has exactly what you want.

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Froggie’s 5 and 10

Winner of the 2015 D Magazine Readers’ Pick Best Toy Store in Dallas, this toy store began over 40 years ago in the back of a VW Volkswagen. Think of this Dallas toy store as a mix between Spencer’s Gifts and an old-time general store filled with nostalgic toys. You are sure to find a toy that you had forgotten how much you loved years ago.

Make sure that you allow yourself plenty of time to look around. The store itself has a small footprint and shelves start at floor-level and just keep climbing. 

There is a lot in there for the eyes and the hearts of children of all ages. It was easier to go shopping for myself than for other people, I must admit. 

A beloved Tin Tote from Froggies circa 2010. Still gone wild.


3211 Knox St

Dallas, TX  | Website Info

TURF: Uptown Dallas



The range, the memories, the gag gifts! It’s all fun at a toy store.

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Toys Unique 

This toy store is located on Lovers lane in Dallas, which is perfect for us toy lovers. ​

​These guys say that the specialize in fun and it is abundantly clear when you look at their selection. If you or your child need an astronaut helmet or a safari floor puzzle, this is the toy store for you. 

This is a local family owned toy store that has managed to keep kids playing for over three decades now. If you are you looking for that special gift but just don’t want the standard big box toy, then go spend some time in this place. You are sure to find that perfect gift and maybe even something for you.

Note: If you just don’t feel like driving into Dallas, you can shop this store online. Just know that their best selections are in store. However, you are still going to find unique gift ideas in their digital shop.​


5460 West Lovers Lane #236

Dallas, TX  | Shop Online

TURF: Central Dallas



These guys have jelly watches and that is just fun. Don’t laugh if you are an 80’s kid, you know want one RIGHT NOW.

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Dallas Vintage Toys

When I discovered this Vintage Toy store in Dallas, I will admit that thrilled does not adequately sum it up. The folks at Dallas Vintage have been collecting a wide variety of vintage toys for over 16 years. 

Do you need a He-Man? If so odds are good that it is in stock. Do you need that super specific Stars Wars figure? If so odds are good that it is stock. Seriously, just dream it up and these folks either have it or have a good idea of where you can find it.

The goal of this store is to make collecting that special toy fun for everyone. I think that I need to run over and get my special Wonder Woman figure right now. Shall we meet there?​

By the way, their online selection is AMAZING, seriously check it out. But just know that you may want to hide your credit from yourself first.


12052 Forestgate Drive

Dallas, TX  | Open Tue-Sat 10-6

TURF: Dallas



I can’t think of a vintage toy that they don’t have. Yes, I need a grown up toy box now.

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I hope that this toy store selection helps you get your unusual toy fix. Who is ready for Christmas with a selection like this? Personally, I say that every day is my birthday and therefore toy shopping is allowed.

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