Are you in search of a good break because of how hectic and tense your day has been? Well, if so then there may be a chance that you’re looking for the best places for happy hour in Plano.

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What is Happy Hour?

Happy hour is a clever marketing technique in which public places serve foods and drinks on a discount. It is the time of the day when –legal- adults can take a break from their day, get a little intoxicated without having to pay too much for it.

The term comes from American Naval slang. At that time, happy hour was the time when the sailors on the ship would engage into entertainment so they could take break from their monotonous life.

During this time, they would do either wrestling or boxing. They did athletic activities so they could get confidence boosts. However, that is not the purpose of happy hour now.

Happy hour is the best time to interact and mingle with new people while sipping on your favorite drinks and munching delicious appetizers.

Speaking of favorite drinks, let’s have a look at some of the common ones you cannot afford to miss out on!

Drinks to Try
        1. Margarita

There are some margarita mixes that you may not like, but with the recipe provided below, you will definitely find yourself going for seconds. The tanginess of the citrus fruits mixed with tequila, and pinch of sweetener is all you need to  sweep off your feet!

Here is a top Margarita recipe from Serious Eats.

        2. Old Fashioned

Many –frequent- alcohol drinkers claim the Old Fashioned as their favorite. No spoilers, but the drink has the word “old” in it which means that it has been around for quite a long time. The well-balanced ingredients mixed to create this drink are a must try.

Here is the Old Fashioned recipe.

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Best places for happy hour in Plano

        1. Whiskey Cake

For those that want to have the ultimate experience of eating and drinking, Whiskey Cake is the place to go! Make sure you are trying their hearty foods. Their drinks menu is quite extensive. If you are in need of a strong kick, Whiskey Cake has a large variety.

Website | Map

        2. Jasper’s

How amazing would it be to sip sparkling champagne out of a tall glass while you are dressed in high-end designer clothes surrounded by the best company in a beautiful ambience? This is why you need to go to Jasper’s and try their exclusive drinks.

Website | Map

        3. Fish Shack

You will be in for a treat when you get to Fish Shack. While munching on some crunchy fish tacos, order the mixed drinks. To know more about them check out their website below.

Website | Map

        4. Chuy’s

What could possibly be better than having handmade tortillas with a full bar available to you? If you are up for an eat-and-drink challenge, then it does not get better than Chuy’s!

Website | Map

        5. Urban Crust

You can custom make your own pizza and choose your favorite alcoholic beverage. This could possibly be any drinker’s dream come true!

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        6. Zenna

Want to have a full menu of scrumptious food followed by an equally impressive drinking menu? Then Zenna is the place that you must be at right now!

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        7. Fireside Pies

No matter what your taste may be, this place has eating and drinking options for everyone!  Whether you are a vegetarian or on a gluten-free diet, Fireside Pies has it all. Moreover, you can drink as much as you wish!

Website | Map

Next time that you are looking for the best places to celebrate happy hour in Plano, hopefully one of these make your list. What did we leave off of the list? We are always looking for suggestions to add to this post.

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