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Valentine’s Day is definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all holiday. How you celebrate it and with whom you celebrate it are as varied as every relationship. There will be no judgment passed here. YOU decide how to celebrate and what that looks like for you. Everyone is in different stages of relationships and that’s going to set the tone as to how you spend this day. We get it. Your family looks different. Your time looks different. Your finances look different. There’s lots of pressure to make it a “perfect experience.” The following ideas are NOT part of THAT mantra. Read on and see if you can see yourself with your loved one doing one of these special Valentine’s Day activities.

Image source Ted E’s Kitchen website

1. Feeling adventuresome?

Don’t want to be confined to one place for a drink, appetizer, dinner and dessert? How many places do all those courses well, anyway? May I suggest doing a “meal tour?” Think progressive dinner meets dining out! Pick four different places to go, one for each course, and yes, one can be home. It’s a lot of quick stops, but hey, it would be original! Start with a drink at Rio Mambo,  then move onto a delicious bowl of soup as an appetizer at Panera Bread, followed by a delicious dinner at Ted E’s  and satisfying dessert at Menchies or Baskin Robbins, both with plenty of choices. The idea is to hit places with great food but NOT long lines. Keep in mind, this could be done for breakfast or lunch if those time frames fit your schedule better!

2. In the mood for a great movie?

Catch up on life together watching planes land at DFW International Airport’s Founders Plaza  (open till 7:00pm) then head over for a unique beer at Ron’s Tavern  (non-smoking). After that, you can sit back and enjoy dinner and a movie or tavern trivia at Movie Tavern. 

Image source Half Price Books website

3. Hanging out with a bookworm?

Spend some time together, or at least in the general vicinity of each other, browsing the ever-changing book selection at Half Price Books. Afterwards enjoy a nice dinner at Bizzi’s,  and end your night together at home, in front of a nice fire with jazz playing and see where the evening takes you. Books or no books!

4. Feeling mischievously competitive?

Set a course for Dave and Buster’s!  It’s the perfect place for a friendly air hockey showdown, skee ball or pac man tournament. Once you’re done playing, enjoy a nice dinner across the street at Lazy Dog  or Outback Steakhouse  or Rosa’s Cafe! 

Image source Party City Euless TX website

5. Homebody?

Do it up right! Stop by Party City and pickup a few festive decorations for the table or room. Then hit your favorite grocery store to buy ingredients for you and your special one to prepare dinner together. Possibly there are no kids in the picture yet or they have been sent, (um… invited) to grandma’s home for the evening. Or maybe if Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, it does become a family evening! Enjoy time together preparing food and then eating it!  Think…heart shaped pizza or brownies cut out of the pan with a heart shaped cookie cutter!  Then, on colorful pieces of paper, write out “I Love You Because….” Notes…to each other or family members or friends! Each one will touch a heart! If kids are involved, stickers are a must!

6. Like to cuddle in the cold?

Go ice skating! Our very own Dr. Pepper Star Center in Euless has open skate times during the day if you can take a long lunch…or maybe a beginner class is more your style! Go for it! Together! Have dinner pre-ordered and let UberEats deliver it to your door! Don’t forget to cue the hot chocolate, marshmallows and mugs! Then you could take a step back in time and listen to an old-time radio show while cuddled under blankets and sipping that warm beverage.

Image source Having Fun in the Texas Sun website

7. Need a great twosome selfie?

A before dinner walk through a park could yield some fantastic photo opportunities! The best-known park for just that is the Grapevine Botanical Garden at 411 Ball St. In Hurst, Chisholm Park at 2200 Norwood Dr. covers 50 acres. Talk about photo ops!!! A nice walk, a nice visit, a nice picture! 

Success! The rest of the time together is icing on the cake!!!

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