Renee and I were invited to visit the Moviehouse & Eatery in Flower Mound and it was a very white-glove experience, you guys. There might not have been red carpet rolled out that night but I got the distinct impression that everyone who walked through their doors was about to get the same royal treatment.

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Royal smooching costs extra.

Flower Mound the town feels like a mini-Plano, or a friendlier Southlake, or a Suburban Southlake Plano Lite. It’s the Keller-of-the-East. (Don’t check me on this; I’m nav challenged.) This theater is brand new, just opened in July. 

They even have their own car. I mean, I do too, but I’m not a building.

So before I get into telling you about our experience at the Moviehouse & Eatery of Flower Mound, here’s a bit about the movie  we were there to see also: The Gift. Without researching Jason Bateman at length, I know he’s been around, and he’s usually a dorky companion-type, right? [Possible spoiler alert!] Well he’s a ladder-climbing bully husband in this, and he worked it pretty well, mostly because I thought he’d crack a joke or something any moment, so I kept being surprised that it didn’t happen. There were one or two gasp moments, but… There was something too hokey about the gift-giver and too “The Switch” about Bateman (you can’t change that goofy grin). I was hoping for a dark-side transformation in the way of “What Lies Beneath” professor-husband played by Harrison Ford, but that didn’t happen. In a nutshell: wait for it on Netflix. 

The Moviehouse

This place is spotless.  The lobby is shiny chrome and when you walk in you can seat yourself at comfy couches or a stool at the bar – you can get a cocktail, yes you can. If you are meeting someone there and arrive way early, you can people (or TV) watch with a drink while you wait. 

So new, not even cheek- broke.

The seats are not just memorable. For me, they’re better than anything I have at home (my favorite recliner went to the Big Chair Den in the Sky), and I didn’t even realize the seats would GO ALL THE WAY BACK until halfway through the movie. So I had my feet up as nice as you please and hit that button by accident. Pro tip: it’s inside right arm.

The tables  slide out, and the cup holders are in the table, not the arm, so you don’t have to give the armrest up to your bev. Or your bae.

Fighting over the armrest in my usual theater

Isn’t it weird seeing a theater all lit up like this?

Did I mention that these are RECLINERS? No joke. My favorite part of this experience was truly the seating. I wish the movie was better to go with these amazing comfortable chairs. And knowing that only a few butts had nestled in before mine was kind of nice. Some of the chairs at a shall-not-be-named seat-and-eat theater near me were missing the vinyl over the foam they’d been rubbed on so much. That’s a lot of derrieres.

Skinny people cover your eyes: In an effort to be as helpful as possible to EVERYONE, I will say that as a person of size, at first I thought I wasn’t going to fit into the recliners, but the tables came out far enough and the seat was wide enough to accommodate me and it was SO comfortable!! I didn’t think to look specifically for seating to accommodate persons who are other-abled, but call and make sure:      (972) 355-6363

Andi Person of Size

Amy Dial, our host, made us feel welcome and said that the food was truly their piece d’resistance. She said that their scratch kitchen is a source of pride, and their house-smoked bacon from their origin city of Austin was out to win us over. Turns out, I am up for the challenge.

The menu is extensive. It’s a veritable food treasure map. So we tried a LOT of different menu items. 

  • Double-Dip Shrimp – gourmet level of flavor, but I’d recommend the kitchen taking the tails off since it’s a saucy, fork-in-hand experience.
  • I love soft pretzels, and their Pretzel Stix were indulgent gut-busters! These would be a great appetizer to share with a friend.
  • The Millionaire’s Club has a sweet chutney that overwhelmed the sandwich – not a favorite in our group.
  • Ribeye Steak Salad was a huge hit – TONS of flavor and hello, ribeye! (If you’re a meateater.)

The ATX Tommy wins most creatively memorable for me – a hotdog with bacon on it, queso fresco in a pretzel bun. (I do love pretzel bread so much!) The dog by itself even has a distinctive smoky flavor. 

Here are a few other options from the menu that we’d recommend you try:

Fried Lollipops. Fun, fried, on a stick – not bad for a food meant for kid hands.

Bloody Mary. Nice and strong.

Fudge Mascarpone Brownie – Too sweet for me, but my companion loved it. Served warm.

Cavatappi & Cheese (Grownup Mac n’ Cheese)Bacon adds a light smoked flavor. 

First-Timer-Turned-Pro Tip

If you’re going to eat, and you probably are, make sure you get there, order and eat before the movie starts because it gets DARK in there. When the lights go down, it’s an immersive experience. Like sensory dep kind of dark. We used the flashlight function on our smartphones to get to the restrooms, to read menus or to even seek out the silverware right in front of us. This dark is great for experiencing the movie, but help small kids and elderly family out of their seats if they need to get up. I found this a bit disorienting. The paths have small running lights and the exit is lit. Once you are at the stairs, you should be good.

This was a truly luxury experience, and if it were closer to me, it would be my movie house of choice, hands down. It’s far and away an experience like no other I’ve had before both in quality of food, and comfort during the movie. It’s worth the visit for an indulgent date night, girls’ night out, or even to take advantage of some of their Deal Days more often.

Really hoping to win a huge gift basket from Moviehouse & Eatery so that I can give you guys a chance to win it in a giveaway, so if you happen to share this post, use the hashtag #WineDineRecline and tag @DFWStuff on Twitter!


951 Long Prairie Rd

Flower Mound, TX 75022

TURF: Mid-Cities



The food is good, top-notch for a theater. But go for the comfortable chairs and the immersive and luxurious cocktails and special-night-out experience!

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