Where would we be if we didn’t have social media telling us when it’s National Cereal Day, National Random Acts of Kindness Week, or National Margarita Day. (That last one’s pretty important, though.) And so is this: Women’s History Month. FunCity Stuff is partnering up with Working Women of DFW to spotlight someone special who could use a FABULOUS night out!

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​You all probably know some pretty cool women, right? Hard-working, nurturing or funny or rocking general bad-assery. Caring, strong, dedicated, patient, kind or with amazing taste in shoes, spurs, or whatever. Check this handy list to see if she koala-fies.

  • Your daughter has been caught mopping a floor spill with a tea towel on her right foot, and using her left hand to keep her toddler from stage diving off the porch as she walks you through how to use Siri AGAIN.
  • Your grandmother. She has an enviable skydiving habit and you know you want that mad life. Butter her up with free booze.
  • Your sister has battled cancer, road-rage drivers, muggers, an ex, a cable bill or a school board WITH STYLE.
  • Your neighbor who quietly volunteers at every.single.thing and seems to have no idea how much your block appreciates her.
  • Your girlfriend or wife loves to watch (or play) sports and drink beer and this is a great way to seem like a towering hero who loves her madly.

Here’s your chance to take that special person to the NCAA Women’s Regional Finals at American Airlines Center on Monday, March 28, including VIP entry, open bar (wine/beer) and appetizers at the Old No. 7 Club before the game!

So it’s easy, and by nominating your favorite female, you win, too! Leave us a comment here with the following info: Tell us the first name of the person you are nominating and a story or reasons why you think she is a BALLER of a gal. (See what I did there? Yeah, sorry, I’m too old for “lingo.”) We will choose a winner on March 21 and notify the winner by email and announce it here. Simple, right? Sincere, silly or sappy – we’ll accept it all as an entry.

About Working Women of Dallas-Fort Worth 

Working Women of Dallas-Fort Worth is a community where women can be each other’s best ambassadors. We’ve tossed out the stuffy rules of membership organizations and broken the same-location-second-Tuesday mold. Our events are all over DFW, and women of all career levels and industries are welcomed. We are about making connections, motivating and inspiring women and having a whole lot of fun together along the way!

WWofDFW-logo-dallas networkingWorking Women of DFW Fort Worth Networking

Plus, you’ll get to party with Renee and I – we’ll be there rubbing elbows like a #girlboss. All four of you reading this are scrambling to enter now, right? Hope your using your Women’s History Month wisely, folks. Enter now!

Read More Details about This Contest and Event Here

This event takes place on Monday, March 28,  2016, the day after Easter. Winners will be notified mid-day on March 21, 2016. 

You can enter as many as five women IN SEPARATE COMMENTS. Each comment should be at least 20 words to describe your nominee. There will only be two people chosen – the nominator and nominee – for the event. Winners agree to have their first names and comment used for promotional purposes. 

We reserve the right to delete offensive comments or replies to comments.​

The winners will receive instructions on getting to the AAC, and where to enter for VIP access. Travel to, and lot or valet parking at the AAC is self-pay.​ At this time, we don’t know who will be playing in the tournament, but we will update as we get closer to the date.

Networking begins in the Old No. 7 Club inside the AAC at 6:30 pm. Game starts at 8:00 pm and there will be no Club access for refreshments after that point. Open bar includes beer and wine but liquor is self-pay. Seats are in Section 102. Casual business dress is requested but not required; the networking event inside the Club is fairly casual and unstructured, but you will be greeted. The nominated winner will receive a year-long membership to WWofDFW if you so choose ($150 value), but you are NOT obligated to become a member, and there will be no hard sell at this event. To register for the networking event, you will have to provide your name and email and will receive e-newsletter updates.

More details may be added or changed at any time. Feel free to write [email protected] for any questions!​

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