This week this very blog was attacked. The nerve right? What on earth causes someone to be a mean ass hacker anyways?

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This was a personal affront because my job is to keep this blog running. I sit here at my desk day after day working behind the scenes making sure this blog keeps running.

I update WordPress. I tweak this and tweak that. I load content by our lovely writers.

But suddenly, bammoo! Our blog was down. It was gone.


Would it ever come back? I really didn’t know. It was a DoS, but at least we had everything backed up.

Eventually, we worked it all out and things are better and running smoothly. The stress, though? It was real.

So after the chaos, after the madness, I wanted some comfort. Ice cream it is!

Need…ice cream…soon….

So in my pajamas with my tennis shoes (no socks), we headed out to Braum’s. By the way, I was not the only person there in pajamas. Perhaps that is the sign of a true Texan: someone who goes out for ice cream in pajamas? Maybe just a lazy Texan.

(We were surprised to see that they also had Bunn coffee filters, and we grabbed the last box because we forgot to order them. If you’ve ever woken up to no coffee filters, you understand the pain here.)

I enjoyed my cone so much that I decided to look up the history of Rocky Road, and it turns out that it was created to soothe the souls of folks during the U.S. depression. After the Wall Street Crash of 1929, Dreyer and Edy gave the flavor its current name “to give folks something to smile about” in the midst of the Great Depression. The original Rocky Road didn’t have chocolate chips, and modern technology means MINE had chocolate chips. Thank you, lawd.

It worked for me. It was a nice reward. Learned something new about Rocky Road — had no idea how old it was. My birthday is in July; at least I won’t be as old as Rocky Road.

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