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If you are looking for places to take pictures in Dallas – Fort Worth, we have some lovely and free places here for you. The DFW Metroplex is jammed with pretty places to take pictures but sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration.

1. Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park

When looking for beautiful places in Dallas to take pictures it’s important to see if the location fits within the three G’s: gorgeous, green and gosh darn I can’t think of a third, but the Botanical Gardens in Heritage Park have those first two things nailed! With all sorts of trails, streams, fountains and plant life, your biggest problem will be deciding what apps to delete so you can snap every inch of this sanctuary.


Worried about the heat? No problem!

With tons of sitting areas and trees galore, these gardens are shadier than their website’s own description (“This garden is a hidden gem in Grapevine that does not get the appreciation it deserves.” from ). Plus, unlike other botanical gardens *cough*Dallas*cough* Heritage Park is always free, like nature intended.

Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park

Location: 411 Ball St, Grapevine, TX 76051

Bonus Fun Stuff:Yes, you can still have fun with just a nickel.

Always free and never packed, this botanical garden is everything a tree hugger’s Instagram could ask for.

2. Historic Downtown McKinney

You look great and the world needs to know, but what location offers a variety of unique picturesque areas to match your variety of unique picturesque angles? Look no further than the Swiss army knife of selfie locales: Historic Downtown McKinney!

 “Laying in the grass with a big smile” selfie? Downtown McKinney. “Cheek-to-cheek (pick your cheeks) in front of some historic buildings” selfie? Did someone say “Downtown McKinney”? Dramatic “looking away from the camera next to some art” selfie? Denver. Just kidding! DOWNTOWN MCKINNEY!

With shops and parks galore, and only a short walk from the beautifully historic Chestnut Square, there is no limit to the variety of pics you can take of your favorite person! But most of Main Street shuts down at 5 pm so those blurry, super dark, “I can take pictures while I walk” selfies will have to wait.

With a wide variety of textures and buildings there is an unlimited number of ways to snap yourself in Historic Downtown McKinney.

Historic Downtown McKinney

Location: 111 N Tennessee St, McKinney, TX 75069

3.Sundance Square

Have you ever been talking about your favorite movies with someone and you ask them if they’ve ever seen Ghostbusters 2, not really out of curiosity (it’s Ghostbusters 2, they’ve seen it) but just so you can both talk about how much you love it? That’s us telling you to go take selfies in Sundance Square. As if you haven’t done it already. But wasn’t it awesome when you did?! With like all the lights and the fountains and buildings and stuff!


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Remember the first time you went and you were like “Why has the world been hiding these adorable shops and gorgeous architecture from me?” It’s big city views done the only way Texas knows how: with enough charm to make you wanna call everyone you know “darling” for a week and a half.

Whether you’re trying to get in touch with your inner historian, are looking for a place where even the road you walk on has character, or just want to get some likes, Sundance Square will provide the lights and action, all that’s missing is your camera.

It may seem obvious but Sundance Square is a perfect place to take selfies. Big city lights meet Texas charm in an open and fun area with no shortage of things to do once you’ve snapped your pics.

Sundance Square

Location: 420 Main St., Fort Worth, TX 76102

4.Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Selfies in the woods are tricky business. Too outdoorsy and you’ll end up with runny makeup and a mud-covered hiking outfit that makes you look like our girl Reese on the set of Wild.

Not outdoorsy enough and you look like you got all dressed up to take pics in your front yard. Enter the natural wonder that is Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. With the perfect mix of stunning tree-filled wilderness and paved roads, Arbor Hills offers all of the picturesque beauty of being in the woods with none of the everything else of being in the woods.

Not to mention the scattered structures and worn staircases that give this nature preserve a whimsical, almost timeless, appeal. Every square foot of this sprawling 200 acre preserve is worth a picture, even though you will probably just take a hundred of the adorable bridge.

With a timeless natural charm and easily walkable roads, Arbor Hills is the perfect place to get those outdoorsy selfies without having to hike through miles of forest.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Location: 6701 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093

5.Denton Square

With a mix of the historic charm of small towns like Round Top, the bright nightlife of downtown Dallas, and more than a splash of Austin’s love for the weird, Denton Square is truly a collage of all things Texas. And like most collages, if you look closely, you can find all sorts of unique things that are just begging to be the background to the real masterpiece: yo’ face! The Li’l d (yes, Li’l d, as it’s affectionately called by locals) offers so many picturesque settings, people will wonder why you traveled all over the state in the same outfit.


On and off the Square, Denton’s laid-back attitude will never make you feel rushed when trying to get the perfect lighting on your designer latte’ from one of the 8,000 spectacular coffee shops, either. (I may have low-balled that number). And on top of all that, this college town stays up late, so your Insta-feed doesn’t have to settle down when the sun does!

Perhaps the most versatile place to pose for a pic, Li’l d offers a li’l of everything Texas and stays open late for those nighttime selfie opportunities.

Denton Square

Location: 110 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 7620

6.Texas Sculpture Garden (Frisco)

There is no higher compliment than taking a selfie with someone. In one action, you are saying that, not only do I like you enough to be seen next to you, but you are also attractive enough to not jeopardize my devoted following of strangers on the internet. This is a sentiment that the folks at the  Texas Sculpture Garden understands. While most sculpture collections in the DFW would rather not be seen in a picture with you, this massive collection of free-to-see Texas sculptures doesn’t mind in the slightest. Its Frisco location also gives it a more family friendly vibe that encourages exploration, rather than the sterile line-marching most galleries impose. Free, fun and photo-friendly, The Texas Sculpture Garden is everything a good selfie locale should be.


Texas Sculpture Garden (Frisco)

Location: 6801 Gaylord Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75034

7.Deep Ellum

Saying Deep Ellum is a good place to take selfies is like saying Walker Texas Ranger was a good show. If you think they are just “good”, you’ve either never seen it, or someone needs to roundhouse kick some sense into you. Home to one of the most diverse and talented art scenes in the country, Deep Ellum is mandatory visiting for selfie enthusiasts. Known as “the original walking neighborhood”, pedestrian friendly Deep Ellum is an ever-changing scavenger hunt for the unusual and imaginative.


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From murals, to statues, to street art, there is no shortage of selfie opportunities in this neighborhood that seems to be constantly having events. See for yourself what Deep Ellum has to offer. Seriously it’s great. Are you still reading this? You should be half way there by now! Go! Grab your phone! Take some pictures!

Known as “the original walking neighborhood”, pedestrian friendly Deep Ellum is an ever-changing scavenger hunt for the unusual and imaginative.

Deep Ellum

Location: 2849 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226

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