Guest writer Jenny Jackson of Hot Balloon Events. Photos courtesy of Super Glow. 

AT&T Stadium holds many events each year, but nothing as uplifting as the event this Saturday, April 16, from 7p to 9p! THIRTY hot air balloons will inflate on the playing field inside AT&T Stadium at Super Glow II for a great cause.

Bonus Fun Stuff: Music in North Texas: Delta Rae.

Get Your Ticket

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Spectators are more like participants for this unique event. They are allowed onto the field and can stand behind the basket as the pilots inflate the balloons. You’ll interact with crew members and stand on the 50-yard line surrounded by the 30 larger-than-life balloons. The self-guided stadium tour is included in the ticket price (a $17.50 value itself!), FREE parking in lots 6 & 7, and all children 2 and under are free!

Inflating the hot air balloons for Super GlowInflating the hot air balloons for Super GlowInflating the hot air balloons for Super GlowInflating the hot air balloons for Super Glow

“Super Glow was one of the most amazing balloon events I’ve ever attended. I really enjoyed getting to be with the balloons up close… We got to tour the locker and press rooms at our leisure and combine two events into one. It was a unique, one of a kind experience.” 


The event benefits Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas, a North Texas non-profit that sends care packages to military men and women serving overseas. Money collected on Saturday will help pay for the $12,000+ postage cost for the thousands of Girl Scout cookies the Angels are mailing out this month!

You can also bring supplies to our event that the Airborne Angels will send to our troops. While you are grocery shopping today,  pick up your items to donate to Airborne Angel Cadets and bring to Super Glow on Saturday!

  • Beef jerky
  • Peanut butter
  • Razors
  • Deodorant
  • Sunscreen
  • Foot powder

So if you, your family and friends are hot air balloon fans, this will be your chance to hang with these beauties without fear of inclement weather, with plenty of seating, concessions available, a tour and FREE PARKING!


Full disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hot Balloon Events, but we think this is a pretty cool event anyway. It’s two events in one – a tour of the Death Star and beautiful eye candy. Not that the stadium isn’t beautiful enough on its own … but well, it isn’t. ~Andi

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