What’s the tea, sis?

Spill it.

There’s a lot of talk about coffee, but where’s the love for a soothing cup of tea, or a whistling tea kettle on the stove top? Since Teavana closed all their storefronts in 2017, are tea-lovers left pulling a stale square of Lipton from a dusty box in the pantry? 

Luckily for us tea-sippers, here are a few places in the metroplex that focus on brewing tea: hot and cold—get it to-go or settle in and enjoy. You can buy loose-leaf and accessories online too, but when you want to go somewhere and talk tea with your friends, where do you go? Here are a few options, including what to do if you just want to stay home and make your own.

Just added: Sweetwaters — one in Denton on Teasley (how appropriate is that street name, eh?) and one in Little Elm (and growing!). Lots of seasonal hot and cold drinks with a selection of pastries, this neighborhood tea house and cafe offers nice bites to accompany their handmade drinks.

Leaves Book and Tea Shop in Fort Worth  – Combination book nook and tea seller, Leaves offers loose-leaf, hot pots with heating water, and sparkling iced tea on tap, along with some favorite titles to browse.

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The Cultured Cup in Farmers Branch – A robust tea seller that claims to “learn and teach everything we can about beverage adventures.” With a tasting room, 150 kinds of tea to choose from, and The French Art of Tea, they have a serious heart for tea. 

All About Cha in Southlake has a Yuja Lemon Freddo. I’ll drink it even though I can’t pronounce it. 

Oolong Tea and Desserts in Plano has tea…and frappes, and slushes, and “snow,” and milk teas… the list seems to go on and on. Let’s meet there and share one of these bad boys:

The Spice & Tea Exchange (Fort Worth & Grapevine) – Lots of tea to choose from, but this isn’t a place to get a hot drink. Stop in to browse their bulk custom blends and tea-related gifts to take home.  

Pull out your electric kettle and get ready to make your own fabulous cup of tea! From The Republic of Tea comes Tea 101: 

Boba Tea and More

There are also lots of places to get a boba (or “bubble”) tea – the cold, colorful cups with fat straws and luscious tapioca balls in sweet milky tea. We found a few that stand alone: iTea Lounge in Euless has a nearly unreadable menu it’s so full of options; Delish in McKinney has some serious star power, or offered along with a full Asian menu, like one of our very favorites: Pho V Noodle House in Bedford (try their Honeydew milk tea, oh lawd). 

My daughter used a tea press when she first started college because she enjoyed having tea with her dorm roommate. Most of the hot tea that I enjoy is at Chinese and Thai restaurants; usually jasmine tea. The Greek restaurant near me will bring out a small pot of sweet-smelling mint tea with dinner that really complements the food. 

Tea Rooms and Tea Houses

Who doesn’t love cute food?!

Just the word “tea room” reminds me of rose-patterned parlors and silver platters of proper English tea sets, hot water brimming, with a double-handled bowl filled with quaint sugar cubes. (Does anyone still use sugar cubes? Yes, and even stevia/monk fruit cubes.) Yet DFW has quite a few tea rooms with tea pot, finger sandwiches, flowery porcelain cups and saucers, and petit fours—nestled at the back of antique malls or next to thrift stores. While it’s not a dude’s belly-up-to-the-bar kind of place, remember Easter and Mother’s Day are coming, or it’s your child’s 9th birthday, hm. So, wave your pinky finger in the air like you just don’t care—here are some highly rated tea rooms in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton and beyond:

I’m kind of a yeti but I love miniaturized, cutesie things, and if you leave me alone with a tray of tiny sandwiches and itty-bitty pastry, there won’t be any when you come back. 

Tea Time at Home

Man, stock-photo tea time is so gregarious and fun!

We could take tea to obsession-levels, and some do, but really, it’s okay to just pick a tea or two (tea for two?) and enjoy it—at home or tea shop or restaurant, without concern about origination or oxidation. Tea is a year-round love of mine, even though coffee is still my number one shot-in-the-arm of caffeine every day. Are you #TeamTea? Let us know your favorite tea, tisane, or fusion in the comments below.

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