The Good Life at The Fillmore 2014, Photo by: Hector Baldas

There’s no denying that June 12th left a mark on us all. People were and are angry, sad, scared and more after the horrible events in Orlando and these feelings trickled into Monday, June 13th, as Club Dada welcomed the Massachusett’s band Speedy Ortiz and Nebraska’s The Good Life.

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With game 5 of the NBA Finals on and it being a Monday, I wasn’t surprised when I walked in and a scarce crowd was in attendance. People trickled in as the grungy sounds of the opener reverberated through the club. Loud synths, speedy guitar riffs and droning vocals accustomed the crowd to the music coming up before Speedy Ortiz came on stage.

Speedy Ortiz by Alex ZimmermanSpeedy Ortiz by Alex Zimmerman

Speedy Ortiz Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

From the looks of the lead singer with her blue lipstick and flower headband, I was expecting some indie-rock or synth-pop to emanate from the band; boy was I wrong. As track after track reverberated in the sound system, all I could think of was… Nirvana. The guitar chords and garage sound combined with Sadie’s vocals to create a mood-tastic 90’s vibe.

Although the bands tried their hardest to change the subject, everything seemed to come back to the Orlando incident. A bucket was placed at the merch table for any donation and the eeriness of being inside a club the day after the event definitely cast a big shadow over the entire event. As The Good Life took to the stage, that same vibe continued.

A combination between grunge and rock, The Good Life had the entire crowd pandering for more with each note. Emotions ran high within everyone as Tim Kasher cut through the club with his powerful voice. This was perfect music for Monday, just a little angry, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, just a bit of everything.

One thing I took away from that weekend is the reassurance that life is short, so don’t waste a second of it. Enjoy it with friends, family and strangers. Go to a show on a Monday, listen to a band you’ve never heard before, try something new. Don’t stress out too much and tell people you love them. That is the key to The Good Life.​

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