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Gorgeous photo of Reunion Tower Lawn Party at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas by Joseph Haubert

Hey ya’ll. Is complaining about the heat something that just comes with middle age? I feel like I’m in a constant state of sweaty stabby if I spend any time at all outdoors, including my car because the heat comes through all the windows. From BuzzFeed: 29 Struggles People Who Grew Up In The Texas Heat Can All Relate To

For the three of you who really count on seeing this list early on Thursday, I’m really sorry. I did the Weekend Whirlwind newsletter first. I’m stretched a bit thin, so I’ll probably have to change some things around here, and I want to keep what you love the most, whether it’s WW, Brunch Shoutout or more giveaways. Let me know. Like Frasier Crane used to say, “I’m listening.”

Love this fluffy ball kind. Technical terms, I got ’em.

So I’m going to keep this fairly short and sweet because we threw down Our Picks for Small Town Fourth of July Fun on Monday. For the record, it’s just not a complete list, and even now I keep finding others: The Colony, Roanoke, Arlington (not a small town) besides the other biggie choices like Panther Pavilion, Kaboomtown and the like. I found out that a small fireworks will cost you about $5000 and a big one is more like $30,000. The Freedom Over Texas fest in Houston, Texas came in 7th in this list of Most Extravagant Displays last year. Can I just say I wish that 4th of July fireworks were in, say, February? Here, we sweat outside at 10pm.

Independence Day Market in Denton 9a to 1p – free yoga at 10am, plus their page says that all the vendors goods for sale are made, grown or produced within 100 miles of Denton. I’d say that’s shopping pretty local.

Denton Community Market

I really do love Denton. I made this image all by myself!

Bluegrass on Ballard in Wylie. Grab an instrument and start jamming on the street and in some of the shops. It’s in Olde City Park – lots of performers, chili cookoff, car show and the fireworks start at 9:45p.

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Lone Star Beer Texas Heritage Festival is INDOORS (hallelujah!) at the Bomb Factory. $10 to see Shovel and Rope and Offkilter band. No, that’s not right…Okkervil River. Same thing, I mean, unless you’re the band. Proceeds go to nonprofit Feeding Texas.

The Dallas Arboretum kicks off their Garden Gigs this Friday night. If you join me on El Radio for that five-minute segment on KLIF, be the right caller and you can win four tickets. There’s already free parking, so if you don’t want to get up at the ridiculous hour of 5:50a, you should just take your date or family or stalker out there.

There’s a lot out there to do, so I hope you don’t feel shortchanged by my short list. Let me know what you have on your to-do list and if you loved it. Stay hydrated. Check your car for kids & pets every time you leave and coming home. There’s an app to help with that (not an affiliate).

I’m feeling exhausted and grateful for everyone who’s ever signed up for the newsletter, who read this blog and still come back after that first time (thanks) and for the writers who contribute (Alex Z. who goes above and beyond), brands and businesses who have shared their services and products so that we could give them away. I’m grateful for a country of people who link hands to help out their neighbors in times of crisis. Happy Independence Day, Texan-Americans.

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