I have to admit it: sometimes I eat dessert first. Occasionally, I eat it first and last, or basically just in place of a meal. That means I’ve gotten really good at sniffing out great spots for dessert. If you haven’t tried dessert at these eateries, you need to put them on your bucket list, stat.

Boba Tea

KEEKS Eggrolls & Wings

You may be asking, “how can tea be dessert?” If you don’t count smoothies as dessert, then you might be on the fence about this one too, but milk tea is very dessert-like to begin with. When you add those little tapioca balls (Boba) that explode in your mouth with bright fruity flavors, you’ve definitely entered dessert territory. It’s the perfect ending (or beginning) to the casual Asian fusion dishes at Keeks Eggrolls & Wings.

Blueberry & Llychee popping boba. Photo by KEEKS eggrolls & wings

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Strawberry Shortcake Concrete

Andy’s Frozen Custard

Frozen custard is definitely dessert, and strawberry shortcake has achieved preferred status among desserts. Mix them together and it’s called a concrete. Sounds strange, but trust me, it’s gonna be sublime. This is a summer treat, but not to worry. Andy’s Frozen Custard has a full calendar of seasonal treats. (You know that means pumpkin pie concretes in the fall, right?)

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Fried Bananas

Ocha FTW Thai Cuisine

While we’re talking about fruity desserts, I mustn’t fail to mention the Fried Banana dessert at OchaFTW. The name of the dessert is deceptively simple when the dish is really a symphony of flavors. Fresh banana slices are encased in wonton wrappers and deep fried. That fried deliciousness is then drizzled with honey and sesame seeds and topped with vanilla or coconut ice cream. Raspberry sauce on top is both for garnish and for flavor. You’re welcome.

Fried banana with ice cream. Photo by OchaFtw

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Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Cannoli

Niki’s Italian Bistro

Skip dessert at a great Italian restaurant and prepare to have your judgment questioned. This is especially true at Niki’s Italian Bistro. But you’ll have a hard time picking just one of the traditional Italian desserts offered. Besides tiramisu and cannoli, there’s mousse cake and several flavors of cheesecake. (Amaretto, black forest – how’s a girl to choose?!?!) Maybe you should bring some friends so you can order several and share. Otherwise, it might come down to a coin toss. It really doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you DO.NOT.SKIP.DESSERT.

Tiramisu. Photo by Niki’s Italian Bistro NRH

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Fully Accessorized Ice Cream

Lumi Snow + Dough

For a stunning dessert that doesn’t feel too decadent, there’s nothing like an ice cream treat from Lumi Snow. The frozen treats piled high with scrumptious toppings are architecturally stunning. Yet somehow the light-as- air snow ice cream keeps it from feeling heavy and overdone. If you’re not the type to scream for ice cream –  even snow ice cream – you might like the cookie dough served only at the North Richland Hills location.

Photo courtesy of Lumi Snow Company

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A Few Standbys

Here are a few runners-up in North Richland Hills serving desserts that might tickle your fancy. I’m thinking the banana pudding at Riscky’s, butter cake at Cotton Patch Café, apple pie at Cristina’s [Editor’s note: Eagle-eye customer reports back that the sopapillas are even better than the pie at Cristina’s. Thanks. P.H.!] and pecan cobbler at Red, Hot, & Blue. Kindred Coffee offers some craft coffee and a case full of delectable-looking pastries. I know plenty of foodies who like to mock Olive Garden, but they may not have tasted that lemon cream cake. Life is too short to not eat dessert. 

Is your favorite dessert here or do you potentially have a new favorite now? Let us know in the comments.

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