Well, actually, there aren’t any. But don’t worry, we’ll help you find one not TOO far away.There are a few places relatively close by where you can shoot paintballs at other people for fun or glory!Each has slightly different requirements for ages, clothing, protection, and cost of playing and paintballs. Before you go, be sure to read up online to know their time restrictions, reservation requirements, cost of extra paintballs and clothing recommendations. Here is a PDF of general rules. Being prepared is the key to having fun, right? And also being ok with a bruise or two!

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Fun Facts: 

— Paintballs aren’t filled with paint! Most paintballs are gelatin capsules filled with cornstarch, food coloring, and mineral oil type ingredients. It’s wise to wear clothing you don’t mind getting stained just in case!

— Paintballs travel at speeds up to 200 miles per hour.

— In 2006, paintball was the third most popular extreme sport, with more than 10 million players.

GatSplat  Paintball in Keller and Lewisville uses 50 caliber low-impact paintballs which are “safe” for ages 6 and up, in an indoor climate-controlled environment. A typical 6-person package with 2000 paintballs to share runs $229.00. You’ll be shooting for around 2.5 hours at that level. 

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Trinity River Paintball is off Irving Blvd in Irving. The best way to find out more info on this place is to read their Facebook reviews. Looks like you can bring your own paintballs into the park and your own food, too. Definitely call before you go out there (214) 882-8152.

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DFW Adventure Park  in Northlake, one mile from the Texas Motor Speedway, offers outdoor paintball scenarios and tournaments. Walk-on rentals are $17 for 2 hours of play, which includes gun rental, safety mask and air tank. Remember to budget in the cost of paintballs. Here you can get 200 for $8, but they go fast.

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Fun on the Run Paintball Park  is located in Fort Worth with ten themed outdoor fields offering paintball, low-impact paintball and pee-wee paintball. In business for over 25 years, they’ve built up highly reviewed maps and districts. If you have all your own equipment a day pass is about 20 bucks and 1000 paintballs are 30 bucks. Rental fees vary, but memberships are available too.

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Cousins Paintball  in Dallas claims to have the safest and most exciting paintball experience around! At 300 acres, it’s certainly the largest!

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Spend a few minutes researching these places online and placing follow-up phone calls to be sure of available dates and times, as well as equipment requirements and clothing recommendations. Having accurate intel is always to your benefit when preparing to wage war! Let us know where you wind up playing whether it be Gatsplat Paintball or someplace else.

All images courtesy of their respective Paintball parks.


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