Unless you have kiddos currently in school, chances are high that you may not be in the know as to what’s going on in the school district where you live. Hurst, Euless and Bedford became a combined independent school district, HEB ISD,   in 1955. Check out this intro video! They’ve been moving forward ever since. Here’s some amazing programs and offerings you might want to know or might want to pass along to your neighbor, you know the one, who already knows everything…you’ve finally got one up on him! You’re welcome!

1.       HEB ISD has not one, but TWO, International Baccalaureate (IB) High Schools! Both Trinity HS and LD Bell HS offer the highest challenging high school diploma which students participate in during their junior and senior years.

Image Source Trinity Trojan Football’s website

2.       HEB ISD has many excellent athletic teams, not the least of which is the former State Champion Trinity Trojan Football Team.    Their website garners from 28,000 hits a day up to 100,000 during peak season! That’s a lot a high school football fans. It’s fun to watch a live game at the easily accessible Pennington Field!  It seats over 12,000 people and has a newly donated scoreboard with full screen for viewing!

3.       HEB ISD’s Pennington Field houses The Hoot Smith Student Activity Center which is the district’s gymnastics center, as well as, host to the community outreach gymnastics program for kids beginning at 18 months. 

Image Source HEB ISD’s website

4.       HEB ISD has a state-of-the-art Buinger Career & Technical Education Academy    (BCTEA) It houses a wide variety of career training and certification such as culinary arts, automotive industry, cosmetology, audio/video production, animation, law enforcement and public safety, health science technology, robotics, engineering, architecture, computer technology, interior design, education training, marketing and advertising, forensics, and aerospace.  Here’s a video to show you details!                                      

5.       HEB ISD currently has 20 elementary schools (K-6th), 5 junior high schools (7th -9th) and 3 high schools (10th -12th). Do you know where your kids will attend? What if you move elsewhere in the district? What if you apply for a school of choice and want to know how far a drive it will be? Here’s a handy map for reference!

Image Source HEB ISD’s website

6.       HEB ISD offers a complete 1st grade – 12th grade Spanish Immersion Program,   which gives your child the opportunity to learn to speak, read and write Spanish to such a level they can earn college credit for their high school work! It is complete immersion 1st-5th grade, then turns into a single class that continues to advance way ahead of the kids that start a foreign language in 7th grade. This is a popular program open to English speaking kids. It is conducted by lottery and can only be entered in the first grade.

7.       HEB ISD offers World Languages  beginning in 1st grade at one campus! So, if languages are something you want to give to your kids, they can be introduced to Hindi, Chinese, and Arabic in 1st-3rd grades. Then in 4th-6th grades the student picks one language to focus on. These classes rotate with Music and Art and are categorized as a Fine Arts Elective. Then they can go to Central JH  where they can begin their formal foreign language education with a solid foundation.

Image Source HEB ISD’s website

8.       Is music your first love?  You might want your child to learn a stringed instrument through the Suzuki Strings  which begins in many elementary schools  and folds into Orchestra at Central JH. Do you enjoy marching bands? Did you miss any of the amazing LD Bell Blue Raider Marching Band shows? You can find them all archived here! 

9.       HEB ISD has students that speak over 77 languages! Um, that’s a lot of languages! That fact alone makes HEB one of the most diverse districts in the state of Texas!

10.   HEB ISD offers free breakfast and lunch programs across the district for a majority of the summer. Log onto child nutrition services  in May to see the accurate summer free lunch locations and dates! No questions asked. No papers to fill out. Just bring the kids and they get a meal! What a blessing!

You probably still have more questions. Which is great, because questions lead to answers! It’s a moral booster just knowing what an excellent school district we live in! You can find a wealth of additional information online.

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