Looking for a way to give back to your community? Looking for a way to get to know some folks that live near you? Looking for a sense of fulfillment by filling a need that would otherwise go unmet? Great! That means you’re looking for a place to volunteer! Here’s a list of places that are always in need of volunteers! Pick one that matches your skill set or your availability and enjoy volunteering!

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1. Your local church

They organize all kinds of outreaches from clothing to food to transportation. Ask where you attend. They’ll be thankful you did.

Image Source 6Stones’ website

2. 6Stones 

Is the ministry arm of First Euless Baptist Church. They supply emergency food and clothes on a quarterly basis to folks several times a week. They also have several major volunteer opportunities throughout the year of various kinds. Their funds and outreaches are specifically for families in HEB and they work closely with HEB ISD to meet what needs they can there as well!

3. Your local library

They are always welcoming dependable help in re-shelving books and resources as well as helping out with big events throughout the year.

4. Your city 

Believe it or not, it takes a lot of volunteers within a city to put on parades, family friendly festivals, clean up days and activities you come to expect annually. Check your city events calendar and look for opportunities. Oftentimes, commissions are made up of citizen volunteers who are interested in municipal business.

5. Your local school 

Particularly the elementary schools. All you need to do is register online for HEB ISD’s Volunteer in Public Schools link and once approved, check with the local school office and ask what you could do to help out. It might be working with small groups of children or helping with a field day or set up for a PTA meeting. Your time will be appreciated! If older kids are more your fit, be a mentor and sign up for Trojan Talk at Trinity HS or TEAMS at LD Bell HS. You’ll be assigned a group to meet with one time a month and given a curriculum of activities to do and topics to discuss. The kids really do love this program. 

Image Source City of Bedford’s website

6. Your local animal shelter

Dogs and cats give you the warm fuzzies? Help out with some that are waiting for a home. City animal shelters or animal rescue groups are always looking for help or foster parents to care for animals. It is physical work and it might pull at your heartstrings, but research shows that interacting with animals on a regular basis lowers your blood pressure and stress levels. Seriously. Also, don’t forget that a financial donation of cash or pet food and supplies are another great way to help out!

7. Your local YMCA 

They run sport teams year-round for kids and are always in need of adults to coach groups of all ages of all sports. They also have leadership programs, special events, and fundraising campaigns that volunteers are needed for.

Image Source City of Bedford’s website

8. Your local HEB teen court program 

Volunteering for Teen Court   is a fun way to serve your community. Teens and adults work together to provide defendants the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, while learning about the justice system. Licensed attorneys serve as “judges” and it does require some training, but the whole process is amazing!

9. Your local senior center 

They may need experts to present classes or monitors to conduct a chess tournament. The possibilities are endless. If serving and interacting with the older generation sounds like your cup of tea, call and ask. You never know what need you could fill.

10. Your local retirement community or assisted living community

They are everywhere but we often drive right past them without a second glance. Until you lose an elderly loved one, you may not realize the needs they have or the loneliness they may feel. Holidays see groups go in to sing carols or deliver treats, but what about the rest of the year? What about the older gentleman that wants to talk sports or the older lady who wants to play bridge? Time is our greatest commodity and giving a little bit of it can bring so much joy to others. Walk into the lobby of the one nearest you and ask how you could volunteer! You’ll never see bigger smiles anywhere!  

Image Source HEB Texas Health Resources Hospital’s website

11. Your local hospital 

HEB Texas Health Resources Hospital  is always in need of volunteers to help patients, staff information stations, assist nurses, make deliveries to rooms, offer a helping hand and a warm smile! They ask for a minimum commitment of 4 hours a week for 6 months. Everyone appreciates a helping hand when they are feeling their worst.

12. Volunteers of America 

Has its headquarters right here in Euless, TX at 300 E. Midway Dr. You’ll have to email or call them directly to find out exactly where you would be able to help out, but the possibilities seem endless. Helping give birthday parties, helping an adult write a resume, helping folks get back into “life” after a traumatic event all sound like worthwhile endeavors. 

13. Last, but certainly not least, you could log onto and find a list of places that need volunteers that match your interests.

Their tagline, “A place where good people and good causes get together to make a great impact!” Bingo! 

Just as it’s hard for those who need things to ask, it’s sometimes hard for organizations to spend time marketing themselves because they are daily in the trenches of meeting needs. Some opportunity here is bound to make you smile and leave you coming back for more. Thank you, in advance, for your volunteerism! It makes a huge difference in our community .

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