That’s my mantra for when things are a little off kilter, there’s too much going on, or I’m so STRESSED that I could gather myself into a ball and hide behind a couch cushion for days. Luckily, I’ve found some things to do and places to be in North Texas that usually do the trick to restore my sanity (until the next time). After the holidays, I know you’re probably also ready to ahhhooommm, chill out. Here are some of my favorite remedies.

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Meditation is said to help you find your inner peace and improve your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental balance. Sahaja Yoga Meditation offers 1-hour classes in several areas of the metroplex, so they’re easy to schedule. Is work stressing you out? You can even drag your boss and team in for a corporate guided meditation session! 

Find the water

We might not have oceans and oceans of…well…oceanfront… in Texas, but we can still find calmness and serenity when we search out flowing water. Prairie Creek Park in Richardson has a lovely rock waterfall, turtles and lots of photogenic backgrounds to snap a reflective selfie as you peace out. 

Adopt a rescue animal

No, most sane people won’t repeat this activity EVERY time they’re stressed out (though I do have four rescue pets of my own and each “gotcha” day was one of the most happy days ever), but research shows that having a pet can help to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. It’s called the Pet Effect. Even if you’re not ready to adopt a shelter animal, you can experience the benefits by volunteering and spending time with pets who don’t have their families yet. There are dozens of excellent rescue organizations in North Texas, but I’m a fan of these two, because they gave us Jinx and Poopsie Pickles (she earned that name): Operation Kindness and DFW Pug Rescue Club.  

DFW Pug RescueDFW Pug Rescue

Jinx the Frenchie | Photo by Teresa Lensch

Jinx and Poopsie Pickles | Photo by Teresa Lensch

Don’t let your diet be a punishment

We’re fortunate to be living in a time of health-conscious restaurant openings in DFW: places to find a salad, fun dinner places, etc. There are a lot of low-calorie, gluten-free, non-GMO options available to help us work on that same New Year’s resolution. But sometimes it feels like such a SACRIFICE to eat healthy and count calories. Seasons 52 is fine dining that offers low-cal and healthier meals that still make you feel like you’re treating yourself. You can dress up, invite your romantic interest or favorite friends for a special meal out, and not freak out over eating a cup of turkey chili or blowing your whole day. Even amongst their entrees, 870 is the highest calorie count of any item on the menu. 

Beat the hell out of a punching bag

…Instead of another human being. Isn’t that better, after all? Sometimes the peaceful, calm approach isn’t what you need to get balanced. Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to hit something. (I just flashed on Sally Fields in THE scene from Steel Magnolias). Find a solid boxing or kickboxing class and get your frustrations out while toning and strengthening your body.  Title Boxing in Uptown currently has a special to try it out! $20.18 for your first month. 

Practice kindness

The exact opposite of punching something is being a soft place to land for other people. They both can help you feel stronger, more motivated and more focused. Actively helping others has been proven to increase happiness in those who volunteer, and can build your confidence and sense of fulfillment. There are opportunities to be kind to others in every city in our metroplex. Every neighborhood. Every day. Whether it’s reaching out to a friend who’s experiencing a difficult time, or helping to deliver hot meals to the homeless, KINDNESS is the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to restore your sense of self and nurture your soul. 

So whether it’s petsitting, taking frustrations out in a safe space or learning meditation, I hope you’re finding peace. What’s your go-to for de-stressing, getting pampered, or working on your anger management? Let us know below.

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