Guest post by Karen Campos 

Life is challenging. At some point we all are touched by tragedy, financial struggles, health issues or other unforeseen emergencies. Some have family close by that can step in and help out in any way they can, as families will do. Others have close friends that can as well. But what about those who have no help? No close family? No resources to draw on? No tangible encouragement when the chips are down? Who will provide hope to them?

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Enter 6 Stones, the non-profit outreach of First Baptist Church of Euless. But this is NOT your average non-profit! I’ll wager you’ve never seen an outreach of this magnitude before! In their own words, they “serve as a neutral convener bringing together local governments, businesses, churches, and other non-profits to jointly seek to transform the cities in which they live.” That’s a powerful mission statement!

Want to get involved! You’re in luck! The Run for Hope will be held this Saturday, May 14, 2016, with starting and finishing points at Pennington Field in Bedford. You runners out there are prepped for a 5K or 10K already, so be spontaneous and sign up! Come on, it’s not even hot yet! 

2014 6Stones Fun Run2014 6Stones Fun Run

Warm-ups before the 2014 run

Background on the 6 Stones Mission

6 Stones sponsors three major outreach events throughout the year with a food and clothing center that operates year round. Since they are located in Euless, their passion is to work closely with their school district, HEB ISD, to identify those who are economically disadvantaged and most in need. We’re talking thousands of kids here! Their three big events include Operation Back 2 School which provide backpacks and school supplies, Night of Hope which provides gifts and meals at Christmas time, and Community Powered Revitalization which helps struggling homeowners in HEB make home repairs. They also manage the New Hope Center which provides food, clothing and shoes four days a week for families in crisis. Additionally they provide scholarships for graduates of HEB ISD to help them get a start on college! Now there’s some tangible hope for the next generation!

Of course, in order to do such amazing community outreaches, they also sponsor fund raisers throughout the year so that individual folks and businesses who are able to “give back” have an opportunity to make a positive impact on their own communities by partnering with 6 Stones during these events. This is where Run for Hope comes in. See you there!

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