Are you thinking about visiting? Do it! Dallas is one of the most historically rich places in Texas. Each corner of the city is brimming with stories, from popular icons to ordinary people alike. A bustling and vibrant region in north Texas, Dallas Fort Worth is filled with so many places for good photography.

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Whether you are traveling alone or you are in a group, there are several wonderful places in Dallas Fort Worth (aka DFW) where you can take a selfie. Many places are around the metroplex such as museums and other man-made landmarks, and some are close to nature. 

8 Great Places for a Selfie in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

1.  Continental Avenue Bridge Park

At any point in the park, you can capture yourself with the Dallas skyline as the view. This is especially beautiful at night, if you can optimize your camera for low-light settings. There are also fun activities to do around the park such as a short walk, jungle gym for the kids, bocce ball, and you can also  visit one of many shops at Trinity Groves. 

2. Stevens Park Golf Course

Aside from playing a fun game of golf, you can head at the hole 15 of the Stevens Park Golf Course. In this location, you can take a selfie of the Dallas skyline as well, but with an extra touch of grass and sky. It’s perfect for those people who love sports; golf in particular, but at the same time want to take good photographs of themselves having a good time.

3. Statues and Features

Just like any other historic downtown, there are several places where you can find statues. These statues serve as landmarks across DFW, and you can take some selfies of the statues on the sidewalk.

These sculptures include the cowboys and longhorns, which are located at Pioneer Plaza. When you capture a good, upward angle or using a monopod, you can take a good shot with yourself and the famous sculpture. There are other bronze sculptures such as Anita Pauwels cattle drive in Central Park, and Mustangs of Las Colinas in Irving. How about the teddy bears in Lake Highland Park? The huge eye in front of The Joule Hotel? “Traveling Man” located near the DART Deep Ellum Rail Station – just east of downtown. Of course, the big blue BIG D signs, which were created just for getting pics.

4. Bowler Hat

You can show a little creativity when taking a selfie in this giant hat in Dallas What is it exactly? It’s a big black bowler hat mounted high, originally meant to be erected on rooftop of a Dallas store. However, the big hat wasn’t a right match for the city’s safety standards, and it was eventually donated to The Cedars, a neighborhood known for cultivating the arts. You may see this hat and you can pretend or make an optical illusion that you’re wearing the giant accessory. Isn’t that cool? The hat is also visible when driving through on Interstate 30.

5. Perot Museum

The Perot Museum has many visually engaging things to offer for a selfie. You can stop by for a picture at the giant Malawisaurus fossil, or the “Wooden Mirror” sculpture by artist Daniel Rozin. There are several floors of interesting artifacts and exhibits where you can take selfies of whatever piques you curiosity. However, like some museums, it’s not free to get in. It’s pretty much worth it if you brought home pictures of many wonderful memories around the area.

6. Reunion Tower

The Reunion Tower, also called “The Ball,” is one of the most noticeable skyscrapers located in the Dallas skyline. In parts of the city, you can capture yourself with the Reunion Tower as the background, as if you are touching it, or any other silly poses you can think of. If you’re someone who is fond of taking those pictures, or simply just one of those people who like to be beside noticeable buildings, then a good angle of the Reunion Tower is something to put in your checklist.

7. The Old Red Museum

If you’re familiar with the old logo of Mobil Oil, the Old Red Museum may be something to visit for you as well. The Old Red Museum looks like an English castle, but with an American flair. The building’s facade is definitely majestic, and if you want a fancy backdrop for your selfies, this may be a good idea. Just stay a little forward from the building so you can capture the whole height of the vintage ‘castle’.

8. AT&T Stadium

Who isn’t a fan of football? You might want to take a selfie while watching your favorite team play in the AT&T Stadium. (Locals call it the “Death Star” for its shape from a distance.) The whole area boasts of a 3 million square foot vastness that is dedicated to the home team, Dallas Cowboys. Whether you are a fan or not, this is a good backdrop if you prefer something that is related to sports.

Selfies show who you are, and your creative side. Whether you’ve come to Dallas Fort Worth for travel, or you have been a local all your life, drop by these 8 places and you’re sure to get a whole bunch of selfies and memories to make you smile.

D Scott Carruthers is a passionate photographer based in Anaheim, California. His work has been featured in local publications. He was able to have the opportunity to photograph celebrities and other public icons throughout his career.

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