Looking for something fun to do with your better half? Whether you’re hanging out with a spouse or your best friend, Arispop’s themed Lake Lewisville dinner cruise is a great way to try something new for the two of you. Recently, we attended the Caribbean Date Night Cruise. Here are the details of how Arispop transported my husband and I from Little Elm to Jamaica and back again. Hold on to your steel drums—we’re about to hit the beach!

All photos by Elle Nelson. Copyright Gernelle Nelson Photography, LLC.


Brandon, looking sharp!


It’s me, your “beachy-keen” photographer!

Lake Lewisville Dinner Cruise Step by Step

We arrived to Pier 121 Marina dressed in island-inspired apparel for our lake Lewisville cruise. Walking down the pier among the boats and yachts, we spotted a line of couples chatting excitedly. As we approached the dock, the decks of the Miss Gloria Charter Boat came into view. Shortly after arriving, we were greeted by Peggy Simmons, owner and event coordinator for Arispop.



A few minutes later, after signing release forms, the captain of the Miss Gloria welcomed us aboard.

On our way to the upper deck we passed the dining room where boat staff were setting up our buffet of Caribbean cuisine prepared by the Island Spot, a Jamaican restaurant located in Carrollton.


Some of the dishes included jerk chicken, sautéed vegetables, curry goat, and patties (a delicious crescent-shaped meat pie made with seasoned minced meat stuffed into a flaky pastry shell).

lewisville-lakerestaurants-on-lake-lewisvilledinner-cruise-lake-lewisville-txDate Night Cruise photo by Gernelle Nelsonlake-lewisville-cruiselake-lewisville-dinner-cruise

As we pulled away from the dock, Sing Kumba and the Mystic Heights filled the air with live reggae music. It wasn’t long before everyone let their guard down and began swaying and dancing to the music. Later on in the evening, Fluffy-N-Fitness gave us a taste of their Taste of Nigeria Afrobeats routine, inviting the crowd to join in; no one could resist! 


As the sun set on the horizon, the decks of the charter boat burst into neon colors. My husband and I slipped away from the crowd to the upper decks to enjoy the sights and sounds of Lake Lewisville. We weren’t the only ones! A small group of lovers were coupled up, speaking in soft whispers and enjoying the view.

dinner-cruise-lake-lewisville-txlake-lewisville-cruiseGernelle Nelson Photography

 Just as our two-hour cruise came to a close, Peggy served us sweet potato pudding and mango cheesecake. It was the ideal ending to such a fun and relaxing experience.


If you’re saying to yourself “I have to go to one of these cruises in town,” you’re in luck! Arispop is hosting more themed date night cruises: a Masquerade on October 27th, Las Vegas party on November 16th, and a Christmas party on December 15th. You can get all of the information you need on Arispop’s website.

The photographer/writer and her husband were given access to the cruise at no cost in exchange for an honest review of this experience.

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