Collaborating a second time, Yoni Wolf and Serengeti get together again — this time as Yoni and Geti — to bring fans Testarossa, an album about two lovers, Maddy and Davy, who lose that love after Davy spends more time touring with his band than being with her. Based off a script both wrote, the album serves as a soundtrack for the story of emotional distance and heartbreak.

Bonus Fun Stuff: Boris Performs Organic “Pink” in its Entirety.

Yoni and Geti 2016 by Bryan YaltaYoni and Geti 2016 by Bryan Yalta

Yoni and Serengeti talk with Bryan Yalta before their set at Club Dada. Photo by Bryan Yalta.

The first time these two minds worked together was on Serengeti’s Family and Friends, which Yoni Wolf produced. They mesh their distinctive lyrical styles with hip-hop, indie and electronic genres to bring moods that represent the perspectives of Maddy and Davy. Performing the album on stage proves to be a task that requires the submission of the artists into their characters.

Yalta_An-Evening-with-Yoni-and-Geti-3Yoni and Geti performing at Club Dada

Yoni and Geti performing at Club Dada

We sat down with Yoni and Geti before their show at Club Dada in Dallas to talk about the making of the album and how it was working together. Check it out below.

Joined by two other musicians, Yoni Wolf and Serengeti combined their musical talents in a live setting that is simple and effective. There doesn’t have to be anything on stage besides instruments and performers; it’s all about the way the songs are played and the songs played were energetically fluent.

Video Interviewer/Editor: Bryan Yalta. Camera 1: Jennifer Acevedo. Camera 2: Juan Betancourt.

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