Colorful & Tasty Taco Spots You’ll Only Find in DFW

I’m no taco expert. Unless eating a lot of tacos makes you a taco expert, in which case, I might be one. The thing is, I’m like a lot of folks around here who love tacos, but like what they like. I’m not particularly adventurous and I’m not embarrassed to like Tex-Mex (crunchy taco shells, yellow cheese) a little more than authentic Mexican cuisine. I’m not going to eat lengua or octopus tacos, and I’m also not going to eat gas station tacos. (Sorry, Fuel City.)

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What?!?! No gas station tacos?!?! I’m just not brave enough to risk tough, chewy meat served with a sprinkle of cilantro and raw onions, even if they’re super cheap.  I also don’t want to wait outside of a small stand when it’s hot (or cold) outside. I want a place that’s cheery and upbeat, with a variety of taco options, whether they be Cali-Mex, Tex-Mex or authentic Mexican. I want cheese on my tacos and chips and queso on the side (even if it’s yellow cheese and even if food critics think queso is an abomination).


Finally, I want local and I want fast casual. I might not eat at gas stations, but I will gladly order at a counter (as long as it’s indoors). I found some local fast casual taco places with multiple stores in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I’ve eaten at most of them (multiple times) and now I know to make my way to the ones I’ve missed. Of course, I have to fit that in with meals at my local Tex-Mex casual dining favorites: Cristina’s, Anamia’s, Blue Goose, and more, but that’s for another day. For now, follow me on my taco tour or check out my taco map!

OMG Tacos

At OMG Tacos, you can get traditional street tacos, or you can enjoy the have it your way of the taco world. Several other Tex-Mex and California style options are also available (like burritos and quesadillas), also with DIY filling and topping options. Everything is super fresh—even the chips are made on site. The best part is that you can get any or all of this until 3AM at any location. 



Richardson | The Colony | Uptown | Fort Worth

Taco Ocho

Not just Mexican and not just Tex-Mex, this eatery offers a variety of Latin American flavors. You’ll find traditional tacos and some unique tastes with vegetarian and vegan options available too. You can also grab a craft beer or craft soda here and head out to the patio to enjoy your meal.

tacos-dallas-txtaco-joint-dallasTaco Ocho in Dallas Fort Worth DFWTaco Ocho in Dallas Fort Worth DFW


Flower Mound | Frisco | Richardson

Taqueria la Ventana

La Ventana means the window, but this isn’t a drive-thru and it’s certainly not a dreary gas station. In fact, these may be the most colorful taco spots in all of DFW, if not in all of Texas. The offerings here lean toward authentic Mexican street tacos, all served in a playful setting. Corn tortillas are made in house and filled with fresh, flavorful ingredients that are sourced locally when possible. Have a beer or margarita on the patio to turn lunch time into party time.



Addison | Cedar Springs | Downtown Dallas | Dallas Farmers Market | Greenville

Taco Joint

Now with 4 local stores, this joint offers about a dozen taco types plus appetizers, salads, burritos, and more. For great prices and great flavors, check the daily specials. I definitely love the tacos here, but my favorite thing about this place is the vibe. With 70s album covers on the walls and retro music playing, a visit here is like a ride in a magic time machine. Check out the cool and unique Instagram-able Dallas themed mural at each location too.



Peak | Preston Center | Lakewood | Richardson

Daddy’s Tacos

This is the only listing that is a single location, but I wanted to include a place from McKinney and this is the one I’ve heard the most raves about. These might be the prettiest tacos in town too. If you’re in the mood for something else, try a burrito or a bowl.




Tacos Y Mas

This Dallas business tells the story of the little street tacos that could. Originally sold out of a tent in front of a grocery store, Tacos y Mas has now grown to 5 fast casual locations. As the name implies, you can get much more than tacos here. They offer burritos, quesadillas, tortas and more – all made fresh in-house.



Forest Ln. | Ross Ave | Plano Rd. | Cedar Springs Rd. | Belt Line & Coit


It’s a lot like that other put everything in a burrito and roll it up place, but be sure to try the tacos. This taco spot with fresh flavors has five locations and is working on number six.



Denton | Rockwall | Richardson | Southlake | Wylie | Rowlett

This growing list of DFW taco places is just the beginning of the taco and Tex-Mex story around town. If none of these hits your hungry spot, you might like Taco Deli or Torchy’sTacos, both of which started in Austin and have made their way to DFW in multiple locations. Both Fuzzy’s Tacos and Rusty Taco (now called R Taco) got their (up)starts here in DFW and have now expanded to multiple states with lots of locations all around the metroplex. Whichever ‘burb you’re from, you’re bound to find a favorite taco spot and still keep it local.

Did we miss your favorite local place for fast casual tacos? Let us know in the comments.

P.S. We really really​ love tacos! That is why we just had to share this fun video!

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