Hidden in plain sight in the trendy Magnolia/Cultural district of Fort Worth, the Texas Whitehouse Bed and Breakfast is both walking distance to the excitement and a relaxing respite.

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It’s always the right time of year for a night away for us, especially since we both work from home and some days the walls are just closing in. (You entrepreneurial and self-employed types may know what that’s like.) I’d been chatting with the chef/owner Cindy Lucio of the Texas Whitehouse for a few months, and one day she up and invited us out to stay for a free night.

Cindy on the right, and the wedding gazebo in the back of the property

​The hallmark of the interior is art. It’s in every room, every hall; even the foyer ceiling has a spectacular chandelier that is more art than light. When we checked in, she gave us the tour and spoke so happily and fondly of her art and artists that we were enchanted.

The photo doesn’t do this chandelier justice. It’s massive and striking.

Every room was decked out with its own theme. When you go, you’ll be able to tell that Cindy takes interior design, art, and cooking very seriously. She loves Fort Worth fiercely, and hands us a huge packet of tour maps, flyers, inserts and a seasonal to-do list for the area.

There is a “carriage house” that has first floor and handicap accommodations that is just as homey and colorful as the 100-year-old main house. Couples fortunate to book the Honeymoon Suite will have access to their own private sauna right off the room! A nice way to turn up the heat! (tee hee)

That night, we decided to walk over to Lili’s Bistro for dinner. I’d call the food rustic-hip. It “feels” very Fort Worth — welcoming, down-to-earth, with memorable food and service.

Can’t remember what this appetizer is, but it was darn good.

The hot, housemade donuts with coffee ice cream were my highlight

Breakfast Sunday morning at the Texas Whitehouse dining table was a hearty, delicious southwestern omelet, fruit/yogurt, pastry, juice, coffee made by the hands of Cindy herself. Her kitchen is a pristine pantry, stocked with shining pans and steely accessories.

The breakfast table set for company. Note the paintings on every wall, much of it for sale, too, by the artist.

She made art out of utility, and everything was spotless and at the ready to create elaborate meals. (Yes, she caters too.) Our table mates were a young couple FROM AUSTRALIA that were exploring the USA by car. (I didn’t quite have the guts to ask for a picture of all of us in our morning glory, but I wish I had.) They were charming and extolled the virtues of their travels, asking about what to see in Fort Worth. Good people all around, so we declared them honorary Texans.

Art in the BATHROOM, yes.

Homey and well appointed rooms

Coffee bar with old photos and tons of nostalgia

If you’re looking for a genuine Fort Worth experience (ArtsGoggle is coming up, and that’s right outside the door), you have to check out this B&B that takes art, food AND Fort Worth to heart. You won’t be disappointed.


1417 8th Ave

Fort Worth, TX  | Route Map

TURF: FW Cultural District



This B&B is pro-grownup, run by an art-loving chef who is married to an architect. Super close to everything on and near Magnolia. Perfect stay-cation for the natives with lots of touristy stuff nearby for out-of-towners.

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