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Back in March I was introduced to Jessy Lanza, a Canadian singer on tour with the Junior Boys. Now 3 months later, she is touring the country as a headliner herself. Sporting her new album Oh No, Jessy extended the weekend into Monday evening at Club Dada with her electronica beat and mesmerizing vocals.

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Jessy-Lanza-by-Alex-ZimmermanJessy Lanza by music editor Alex Zimmerman

Photo Credit: Alex Zimmerman Jessy stage presence was chill-inducing

Countless music-based blogs had marvelous things to say about Jessy Lanza’s album Oh No and the album was recently nominated for the Polaris Prize. She’s been on tour since mid-June and decided to make another stop in Dallas to a crowd ready to be whisked away by her infectious voice.

I would definitely recommend seeing Jessy live if you have the chance to. She might be out of the country right now but keep your eye out for her return to the states, or else you might be saying ‘Oh No’ if you miss her again.

Alex Zimmerman FunCity Stuff Music Editor

Kedr Livanskiy  channeled her “inner Lanza” prepping the crowd with her blend of house and techno beats and reverb-ed lyrics. I may not have been able to make out exactly what she was saying but I found myself moving to the beat and wished her set was longer than 30 minutes. DJ Taye came on after, giving the crowd the extra step it needed on the Monday night.

Yumi Zouma, added late to the lineup, was a great addition, bringing a smooth indie-rock vibe to the night for a perfect prep for Jessy. Their visual presence matched their aural sound and had the entire crowd dancing from the first note to the last.

Yumi-ZoumaYumi Zouma

Photo Credit: Alex Zimmerman | Yumi Zouma rocking the crowd at Club Dada

I could go on and on about how good Jessy Lanza was, but my words still won’t come close to actually seeing her live. The 3 glowing rectangles behind her were perfect mood setters for her set. Her drummer/midi player kept the intricate beats on point, helping Jessy sound exactly like she does on the album.

A little taste of “Oh No”

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