Ringo Deathstarr took the stage at Ft. Worth’s Live Oak on July 9th as part of a lineup full of Texas talent. The Austin-based band delivered a wall of noise that is a distinct trademark in the shoegaze genre. Playing most songs from their recent album Pure Mood, which came out around the end of 2015, the band seems to have taken a heavier direction in performing them live since its release.

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Ringo Deathstarr - photo by Juan Betancourt Ringo Deathstarr - photo by Juan Betancourt

Photo by Juan Betancourt

Consisting of guitarist/vocalist Elliot Frazier, bassist/vocalist Alex Gehring, and drummer Daniel Coborn, Ringo Deathstarr redefine their sound on Pure Mood as song structures take a simpler approach as opposed to the songs on the band’s 2011 debut album Colour Trip. Leaving their take of having noise for noise’s sake, Pure Mood’s songs appear to be more polished and pop-oriented, which isn’t bad at all.

Ringo Deathstarr band musicRingo Deathstarr band music

Elliot Frazier, Alex Gehring, Daniel Coborn: Ringo Deathstarr (photo Bryan Yalta)

Quite the contrary, Ringo Deathstarr have controlled their raucous hullabaloo that initially designed their sound and shows that they can have dynamics with noise, too. We met up with the band prior to their show and caught an interview about the making of Pure Mood, their sound and touring. Check out the interview below.

Feature photo by Juan Betancourt

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