Featured image is Pattern 1 : The Incomparable Dallas Skyline

When is it NOT a good day to sit down and add a bit of color to your life?! We commissioned three Texas-themed coloring pages for you to download, print and color. A lot of coloring sheets for adults are intricate and complex, but a crayon tip is still pretty wide. (When did coloring inside the lines get so hard? Was it always this hard??) The kid in you may appreciate a simple design that makes you feel like home! Feel free to print and use these for yourself or your family, friends, church, etc.

Pattern 2 : Boots & Bluebonnets!!

Feel free to download and share with your classrooms, kiddos, and of course, to take a few moments for yourself and color away! tag/mention us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with your design if you’d like. Right-click, choose Save. Let me know if you have any trouble: Andi at Fun City Stuff dot com.

Pattern 3  : I LOVE TEXAS!!

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