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Continuing 56 successful years in the Chicken Fried Steak and mile-high pie business, Norma’s Cafe had its grand opening for its new locale by Park Lane at six in the morning on July 12th, 2016. One hundred lucky customers, some of whom camped out a day in advance prior to the opening, received a card applicable for a year’s worth of free chicken fried steak at the restaurant.

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Dallas Norma's CafeDallas Norma's Cafe

The diner many Dallasites grew up with.

Marketing Director Katy Anderson touches more on what Norma’s Cafe offers to people craving a homestyle meal in an interview she did with us. Check it out below and take an inside look at Norma’s Cafe grand opening on Park Lane.

At a moment when Dallas is in need of comfort after recent events, Norma’s Cafe sticks its hand out to help bring the city back to a peaceful nature. Providing a welcoming environment where its decor glances back at easier times and its food reminds one of mom and dad’s cooking, putting a smile on a customer’s face isn’t as hard as it seems.

Look for Norma’s Cafe Pancake Parties, raffles, Pancakes for a Year, breakfast club, Pie of the Month club at all of their locations.

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