Hi, my name is Jen and I am a Pentaholic!  As we Pentaholics walk through our daily life, our IRL (in real life) friends and family really do not understand our obsession with the A Capella phenom known as Pentatonix. However, there is an entire fandom of Pentaholics out there. Welcome to our world!

This past July, Pentaholics from all around the world arrived in Dallas by car, plane, train, and bus to get to Pentacon: A convention by Pentaholics, for Pentaholics. During this weekend adventure, we share all things Pentatonix, from playing Pentatonix-themed games, throwing dance parties, panel discussions with the singers’ family members, and so much more! However, what we look forward to the most is spending time, face to face, with our online friends that share our passion for all things Pentatonix!

Pentatonix Fan ClubPentatonix Fan Club

Photo courtesy of Kristen Emma Photography

What made this year’s event even more exciting is that when Pentatonix announced their summer tour line-up, they planned their Dallas stop the night before the convention started! Thank you, Pentatonix! So everyone arrived a day early, so we could party at the concert TOGETHER! Not only was this exciting for the fans, but this was a hometown show! Three of the members of the group were raised in Arlington, TX, so the show was filled with their family, their friends, and their biggest fans!

This was my 11th Pentatonix show since 2014: I have seen them in tiny venues, I have seen them at state fairs and in three different states. But, I have to tell you, there was nothing quite like seeing them perform live in their hometown, in front of their best fans, with their biggest set, great costumes, and choreography!

Pentatonix sings to their fans in Dallas Fort WorthPentatonix sings to their fans in Dallas Fort Worth

Photo by Jennifer Southern

A Hot Night with Our Squad at the Dos Equis Pavilion 

It was a typical summer night in Dallas, HOT and HUMID! But honestly, none of that really mattered—we were in concert mode and ready to see our people up close and personal!

If you were at the show, you might have seen “Pentacon Squad” shirts around the venue—that was us!! It was a surreal experience standing in the pit to look around and scan the crowd, and literally see someone I knew in every direction I looked.

Pentatonix on stage in Dallas 2018Pentatonix on stage in Dallas 2018

Photo by Jennifer Southern

For many of us, this was the first time to see their newest member live. Matt Sallee recently was added to the group after the departure of Avi Kaplan. I was lucky to have seen them the week before in Los Angeles—not from the pit, though. It was so great to see him and his personality up close:  energetic, positive, and a great fit for Pentatonix!

The Pentacon Squad went berserk when the band gave us two shout-outs from the stage! The entire night was perfect! Their performance and energy couldn’t have been better and the crowd… well, let me just say, this was the best crowd I have ever seen!  There is only one thing I would change: I wish it had been a longer show!  Sharing my favorite music with so many friends is a night that cannot be matched!

Pentatonix Fan ClubPentatonix Fan Club

A Surprise Visit

The entire first day was going great! We were tired but excited to be together! It was almost time for our dinner break and we were in the middle of playing Name That Tune (all Pentatonix songs, of course).  

Then the incredible happened: Scott Hoying, one of the original members of Pentatonix casually pops in the room with his family! Needless to say the convention was elated! Scott and his family jumped right in and played a few rounds with us!

Pentatonix on TourPentatonix on TourPentatonix Fans in DallasPentatonix Fans in DallasDay two of Pentacon 2018Day two of Pentacon 2018

If that weren’t enough, right in the middle of one of the rounds, newest addition Matt Sallee leaps from the crowd onto the stage and surprised the room again! Scott and Matt continued to play a few more rounds of “Name That Tune“! We won’t mention here that it took Matt four rounds to finally win one! (We love ya, Matt!) The high from their surprise appearance definitely lingered the entire weekend! Siiiiighhhh…

Day Two: YouTube Reactors & Family Panels

Day two of the convention was a BIG day. We had the YouTube Reactor’s Panel, with all of our favorite YouTube Reactors! Not sure what a reactor is? They watch videos for the first time, record their reaction, and share it with us—a big fan favorite. Followed by the parent/family panel! The parents of every member of the group as well as three of their sisters were there! It’s always fun to hear from the families—they always share some fun inside stories!

However, one of the biggest draws of the day was Mario Jose, who most of the fans were introduced to from Pentatonix. He is their close friend and worked as their tour assistant. Mario is an amazing human with an AMAZING voice. His voice just pulls you in—smooth and soothing! Mario joined the first Pentacon in 2016 to lead the Pentacon Choir, and he returned the second time around to lead us once again! He is ALWAYS a huge hit! This time around we had a HUGE bonus: A talented artist and performer in his own right, Saturday night, he played a set for the convention, debuting his brand-new single ”You Were The One”! Let me tell you: to say that the crowd was ecstatic would be an understatement.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Southern

Saying Goodbye to Friends Old and New

The final day was another great day!! It was our last day of memory-making! Before we went our separate ways, we shared our love in one more way. As a group, we raised money and gathered supplies to donate through Pentacon Cares to the Dallas Life Homeless Shelter! The fandom worked together and donated 33 backpacks full of school and personal supplies, plus $105! Talk about heart!! The one thing this fandom does is love and we love HARD!

Pentacon is coming back in 2020—keep your eye out for us! In the meantime, check out Pentatonix. You will fall in love with their music, and with them as people! Big hearts and big fun!  See you in 2020, Pentaholics! Can’t wait to see you again!

~ Love, Jen

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