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Are you a local vegan or thinking about transitioning to veganism? For those who don’t know, the vegan diet is made up of plant based, non-dairy foods that contain no animal byproducts. I know what you’re thinking. Where in the world is a vegan going to find a place in Dallas that serves animal and dairy free food? If I don’t eat gluten and prefer organic ingredients, what are my options? Glad you asked. While there are plenty of vegan friendly restaurants in the area (Malgudi Garden, LYFE Kitchen, Zoe’s Kitchen), here are a few vegan-based dining halls where everything on the menu is meat and animal product free.

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Goji Cafe 

Regional vegan Asian food on Royal Lane in Dallas. Pic courtesy of Goji Cafe.

If you’re looking for authentic Asian food, you’re going to love Goji. This cafe serves food that both vegans and non-vegans will love. You can find items like crispy tofu, spicy dumplings, and Orange Soy “Chicken” and Sichuan Braised Eggplant on the menu everyday. The “chicken” is created with a meat substitute called seitan (made from wheat protein) but many visitors claim that they can’t tell they aren’t eating the “real” thing. Aside from the restaurant, they also have a health food store where you can pick up some items to add to your kitchen pantry. Goji was previously owned by a woman who was diagnosed with cancer and decided to change her diet to vegan. She credits her victory over cancer to her vegan lifestyle. That’s pretty darn awesome in my book!

Spiral Diner in Oak Cliff and Fort Worth – Denton location expected mid-2017

The Spiral offers soul food & blue plate specials too

This Diner not only serves vegan based foods but focuses on helping the environment. They recycle their materials, use biodegradable to go containers. One of the cool things about Spiral is that they invite customers to bring their own tupperware to help reduce waste. They also donate leftover food to local shelters and food banks. The majority of their ingredients are organic. They just added the Canyonero Style Country Skillet Burrito to their menu. It’s filled with tofu chunks, potatoes and vegan sausage. Aside from vegan eats, they also bake vegan cakes. 

V Eats Restaurant at Trinity Groves

Dallas vegan restaurantDallas vegan restaurant

Photo courtesy V-Eats

If you attended a Savor Dallas event last year, you may have come across Chef Troy Gardner and his vegan banana pudding. While working at a Samson’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, Chef Troy Gardner created a vegan hot dog that attracted a huge following of vegans. He later decided to start V Eats and host pop-up shops at local events this spring that served vegan corndogs, bread pudding and funnel cakes! Chef Gardner will make vegan craft cheeses in house as well. (He spent the summer in Mallorca Spain earning his Vegan Certification.) V Eats will have a full bar stocked with vegan alcohol products. You read right, vegan alcohol. That’s dedication! V Eats promises menu options like macaroni and “cheese,” and barbecue pulled “pork” and biscuits with “sausage” gravy. 

Vegetarian hot list

  • Cosmic Cafe  – It’s been a few years since I’ve been here, back when it was called the Cosmic Cup, and it’s still on Oak Lawn. It’s a long-standing vegetarian dining option AND meditation center. You may want to try the “I Hate Eggplant” — you’ll never know it’s the black sheep of the veggie family.  I didn’t stay for the yoga but it’s an option.
  • Kalachandji’s  – This place is a temple and a restaurant. The buffet is incredible, that much I can tell you. If you love Indian food, you will never notice the lack of meat. Huge menu.
  • Salata –  a salad bar chain with locations all over the metroplex. I’ve only been to the one in Southlake but the lettuce and toppings are kept COLD, the steel workspace clean and the same gloved people are handling the food instead of everyone and their brother picking up the tongs. Customizable and meat such as chicken and salmon are available toppings. Their Ginger-Lime vinaigrette is my jam.
  • Most Greek restaurants have at least a handful of vegetarian options. Tabbouleh, fatoush, fried cauliflower, hummus, falafel, dolmas – really more options than I can even count. Zoe’s Kitchen, Byblo’s and Terra in Fort Worth, Al Wadi in Bedford, Fadi’s, Ziziki’s, Andalou’s in Irving. And I think twice a year there’s a Greek festival in Euless that puts out food to die for. The list is endless on the Mediterranean front.

There are more and more 100% vegan options in the DFW metroplex and plenty of “standard” restaurants with vegetarian options. This was such a short list. Where do you to go to get your veggie fix?

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