Howdy, folks! It’s that time of year again when we are all geared up for the cool weather that doesn’t come, and we swelter on our way to the fairgrounds. But so be it, because IT’S TRADITION! And this is Texas, after all. 

Bonus Fun Stuff:Fun Stuff To Do Besides Shop On Thanksgiving Weekend.

This is at the top of my to-eat list, and not just because this was how my classmates described me in our senior yearbook. Photo courtesy of State Fair of Texas

But if you’re waffling on whether or not you want to truck your date, your family or just yourself out to the Fair, check out some fun stuff for 2017 to help sway you. We get the Big Tex newsletter so we find out all kinds of cool stuff:​

  • Thrifty Thursdays are BACK! Discount food and drinks. 
  • Dr Pepper Half Price Admission at the gate after 5pm any day with a Dr Pepper can. Here are more options to get your discount.
  • Pyrotechnics, lasers and music, oh my! Mattress Firm sponsors a nightly 18-minute light show by the Esplanade at 8pm. Other show info here too.
  • Want to beat the heat and maybe avoid gaggles of small kids? Here’s the State Fair Evening Schedule.
  • Gamers, unite: To celebrate the launch of Super Mario Odyssey, Mario’s entourage will be at Chevy Park Plaza 10a – 9p on Oct 18.
  • You’ve probably been watching this closely, but the list of new foods for 2017 is a gut-busting celebration of carbs. You know what they say: Treat yo’self. And then eat nothing but kale for a month afterward.

You know Calvin’s trying to eat kale. From Daily Dot

Want to read more about our Big Tex Choice Awards experience from a while back? Sure you do.

This is our third year for giving away State Fair of Texas tickets. We’ve been a bit quiet on the western front lately but we still love to do giveaways! We don’t get paid to do it (For the State Fair, anyway. Yet. Hopefully some day.) but we do respectfully ask for your email to enter our giveaway (it’s never sold, we just hold on to it, cradling it gently in our arms, feeding it a newsletter very rarely).​ If you’ve entered in a previous year, you’re in luck – you’re entered again! But if you’re not sure, better hit the big red button and sign up.

GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED! THANK YOU FOR ENTERING! We had to get those babies in the mail to the lucky winners—only two more weekends to enjoy the Fair!​

Winners: Jasmine of Denton, Michael of Dallas, Maggie of Terrell, Drew of Allen, Felicia of Keller, Clara of Fort Worth, and Dan of Dallas.​

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