The news is starting to sound like a broken record.

It’s becoming nearly impossible to keep track of the mass murder. How odd that sounds. (Hey, Renee, what’s the body count today, do you know?) My fun machine is shuddering and wheezing. It hasn’t quit, but it’s struggling. I haven’t felt well and I called off my segment with Dave & Amy this week. The weekly newsletter didn’t go out either. Writing more than 140 characters is really hard for me when I’m sad or distracted or if the– SQUIRREL!

Last week I had put finishing touches on a Weekend Whirlwind I was super proud of and hadn’t noticed the news about the shooting in downtown big D. I had just released a tweet about a water gun fight that was supposed to take place in Klyde Warren Park. Some people gently or not so gently told me about the real gun fight. Talk about insensitive.

This little boy wanted to train his puppy, so when his dad said there are training videos on YouTube, the kid looked it up. Here he is, showing the puppy training videos. It’s the best thing that has happened all week. Via ABC

I’ve been talking to South Dallas Foodie to lament the state of blogginess and if anyone reads or cares about this blog (you do, right?), and she lent me her shoulder. Someone put out a tweet that made me so happy I cried like a baby. Kind words can be life-changing. It goes the other way too, in life. That old rhyme “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” got that last part wrong. Especially in mid-life, it seems we carry the weight of the world with so much more to lose.

I just want to lose myself in a Slide The City made of cupcakes.

Did you bring me cupcakes?

The state of things has had me in waterworks for days, so I’m knocked down as soon as I am halfway up again, as many of us are. I’m sorry for the sadness and the not-fun. I don’t want to be a broken record or a Debbie Downer. It’s been great watching people pull together in North Texas. I am fortunate that my family is still whole.  I don’t want to be sad. I want to help fix things. I’m no world leader so all I can do is ask: What can I do for you, Miss or Mister Person-Who-Is-Reading-This? (I mean, other than a list of cool stuff to do. You’ll have to wait for that.)

Those aren’t cupcakes, but sure, I’ll take one.

So, I don’t really have a Weekend Whirlwind to share this week. This is a regional and travel blog, not a machine, and my fun-pen is out of ink here. I’m sorry if you are a loyal reader and wonder what happened, fist pounding on the table “WHERE’S MY WEEKEND TO-DO LIST, BITCHES!!”  Though that would be kind of awesome if you did that.

Hugs, flowers, mayhem,

~ Andi

PS: I made a thingy that has some crisis numbers to call or text around North Texas. Maybe it could help someone who’s hurting, maybe it could help someone put the weapon down. Feel free to print or share.

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