This has been a really strange weekend of ups and downs for us. 

Bonus Fun Stuff:Dueling Pianos Is a Good Time for All.

Amanda (daughter) and her boyfriend Nick were here briefly; we had a nice time at the Blind Cafe pop-up dinner Thursday, Finding Dory Friday afternoon, getting her hair done then a 6Stones market in Euless on Saturday. But when she got back to Denton, she called to tell us her bicycle that we gave her for Christmas had been stolen off the rack at her new apartment complex. She loved that bike. She needed that bike! Dammit. But it’s gone. Moment of silence for the precious.

We daydreamed about escaping to somewhere cooler than North Texas to mope. We found a list of the coolest places in the U.S. this time of year​. But it would be really tough to run a regional North Texas blog if I can never get to any of the places in the area, knowmsayin? 

That’s quite a chill, Jim.

So … we started driving out of mostly frustration and we ended up heading north on 121. I thought of Sneaky Pete’s  out on Lake Lewisville off Garden Ridge and 35E. I didn’t know how loud or crowded or busy it might be, we just needed to be somewhere different.

I think there are gators in this lake, but we weren’t going to wade in and find out. Photo: Sneaky Pete’s online.

 We survived the redonkulous construction off the I-35 exits and there was plenty of lot parking. 

Sneaky Pete’s is expansive: an air conditioned inside, a covered patio, an uncovered deck with tables, the pool under trees, a grassy area if you wanted to lay out on your blankets or something, then the pier bar. There was air conditioning if we wanted it, but our sad hearts just wanted to look at some water, heat be damned. 

There was a fine mix of couples, families and plenty of singles. Renee spotted the pier bar that literally goes out onto the water. We planted ourselves at the far end – shade, breeze, and hardly any people. 

This was my tasty virgin Bloody Mary – extra olives, salt, lime, spicy.

Renee had a couple of bottled Coors Light (she just reminded me: “very very cold bottles”) and we ordered loaded fries ($10) that came out in a huge mound, and a pound of peel-and-eat shrimp ($20). No frozen drinks were available. The fries were great – we asked for extra ranch. The menu in general was straight up pub food, and not a ton to choose from. The shrimp were okay, but they were marinated in something unidentifiable. You know how it is: expect one thing and get another. We ate most of everything regardless. Turns out we had missed their Sunday brunch; we will catch it next time for a special event: adults are $22 per person.


We cawed and pointed at boats like kids. It was like our own personal regatta out there: sailboats, rafts, jet skis, yachts, motorboats, houseboats.  We stayed for two and a half hours, just watching the boats, the water, and being amazed at how cool it felt out of the sun. (We moved chairs when the sun crept over – it burns! IT BURNS!) There was a mix of 90s and contemporary tunes on the loudspeakers but not earsplitting.

Boat slips, boaters, boats, beautiful sky, and cool in the shade.

For the first time in ancient history a drunk dude came up to me to chat. I handle this like I did in decades past: Give a fake name, give him my best Resting Bitch Face, tell him I’m married. This time, I actually asked him if he came here often, because I really didn’t and was curious since there was almost no one on the pier. He reminded me that was a pickup line, which I had to laugh at, because of course it was; aren’t I the queen of mixed messages. Sigh. Ever the eloquent communicator, I finally said enough dumb things and he wandered off. ​

No one is as cool as Joey anymore.

The water didn’t smell bad, the drinks were good and cold, service was attentive, the seats ON THE WATER were just what we needed. The effed up construction especially leaving the place was offputting, but not enough to make me never go back. It was a beautiful afternoon. 

This also makes me want to scope out a fun place to hang on Grapevine Lake…

This was not a sponsored post. No one even bought us a drink either, thankyouverymuch.

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