It’s no secret: Comfort food has its place in a busy life. On chilly and rainy days, after exams, after a really tough day or just treating your family to good, rich food that speaks to your soul.

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One weekend, I happened across some mouth-watering photos of Corner Bakery pastry spreads and breakfasts. All right, I said to myself, so how can I get us some of that. So I reached out and asked them if I could come in and get our bellies full in exchange for an honest review. So here we are.

Visiting the Corner Bakery Cafe in Southlake

Southlake Town Square is a quaint, open shopping experience, with wonderful lights at night, and some of the most fun stores and restaurants in my part of town (NE Tarrant), like the Apple store, a big bookstore, movie theater, across the street there’s a Trader Joe’s and Central Market, too. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend a visit, especially if you’re showing off the area to out-of-town guests. See the striped awning on the corner there? That’s your pre or post shopping brunch waiting for you at Corner Bakery Cafe.

corner bakery southlake

A great walking square. Photo courtesy of

This place is jammed at 10:30 on a Sunday morning.  I try to peek around a long line of people to find the manager, Jairo Garcia. Amanda and Nick hadn’t been here in a long time so they got a bit of help and some recommendations. Breakfast or lunch? The four of us gave him our order and he didn’t write a single thing down. Am I the only one impressed by this? I can’t even recite a phone number without looking back at my phone to make sure I have it right.


Amanda and Jairo, the GM and our host


So coy, so demure. LIES! Total Jezebel.

I ordered the Chicken Carbonara, and this was my favorite savory dish. Creamy with a LOT of thinly sliced, tender chicken, peas (you have to like peas or tell them to leave them out when ordering), bacon by the yard, crisp crumbs on top. Nick and I fought pretty hard over this, but there was plenty to go around.

The coffee was really good. It’s hard to describe a decent cup of coffee with words rather than slurps but this is GOOD COFFEE. I had a solid 8 quarts, I mean cups, of coffee, is all I’m saying, and some to go, too. It was a clean, self-serve coffee bar, and that was fine with us.


If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a Corner BakeryCafe, they have a few new things on the menu here: Grilled Flats in Southwest Chicken, BBQ Pork, Chicken Caesar and Caprese; and Power Flats on the Breakfast Menu — scrambled eggs with two cheeses with your choice of add-ins such as Applewood Smoked Bacon, Avocado & Spinach or Chicken Apple Sausage. On the Grilled Panini side of things, they have a Cuban Press on Ficelle that looked really good, too. We were also happy to see a menu for fresh delicious breakfast lunch dinner catering.

We did get dessert. Dessert after pancakes is the new trend! They have a huge selection of pastries and cookies (natch), and it turns out you can get cookies warmed so they are gooey when you get ’em.


The pancakes are legendary, and we can see (taste) why. Fluffy, not too sweet, lots of vanilla flavor, this was the dish we all agreed surprised us and smacked us around with brunchy love. So here’s one more shot of these bad boys…


They should call these SEXYCAKES.

corner-bakery-southlakeThe Anaheim Scrambler

We only had a short list of cons: not enough potatoes on the Anaheim Scrambler plate and if I had waited in that long line when we first walked in, I would have been HANGRY.  I’m also kind of mad at myself for not ordering their famous chicken salad.Sign up for their eClub to get some cool deals emailed to you like free coffee, free pastries and 2-for-1 deals. Good stuff …and so comforting!!

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