Julia Cumming of Sunflower Bean highlighted in the lights. Photo Credit: Bryan Yalta

New York band Sunflower Bean attracted many fans at Three Links, Friday, June 17th. They displayed mastery that would take other bands years to hone — at the tender age of under 21.

Bonus Fun Stuff: Cool Off at Three Links with Sunflower Bean.

We met up with Sunflower Bean  prior to the show to get details about their debut album HumanCeremony, which was released earlier this year. They discuss everything from the subject of time to what a human ceremony is and how modern bands should be. Check out my interview below (eight minutes).

Opening bands Moon Waves and Bummer Vacation started the lineup with indie tunes, warming up the crowd to the headliner later in the evening. The projection facing the bands created a fast-paced atmosphere, which, along with the music, produced an energetic audience that crowded the small venue. Eventually for Sunflower Bean, the crowd erupted and as singer and bassist Julia Cumming made her way down the sea of people playing her bass, a jumping mosh pit centered the room.

Cool Off at Three Links with Sunflower Bean by Bryan Yalta

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