Heading over to the East soon? You will now be able to visit the first, and perhaps only, recreational establishment in the world where a casino-style gaming hub will offer “hybrid slots” to guests.

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The 10,000-acre Indian reservation south of Livingston is a newly renovated facility that has re-opened after closing its doors after 14 years in business. The place now goes under the banner, Naskila Entertainment, and will offer 365 devices that look, act, and sound like slot machines but are actually “electronic bingo machines.”

“We are very proud to offer a safe, secure entertainment venue to the Big Thicket region,” said Jo Ann Battise, the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas Tribal Council’s Chair

Jo Ann BattiseCouncil Chair

While they don’t refer to it as a casino, they acknowledge that their machines, like any other Indian reservation establishment, are renovated to look like traditional slot titles found in casinos across the world. They have similar sounds and aesthetics, but they don’t necessarily work like slots. Instead of rolling reels, these machines play out more like a game of bingo.

Slot machines have come a long way since their invention in 1887, and they continue to survive because they adapt with the times. Slots are often remembered for their definitive designs with 7s and a series of bars prevailing among many of the older machines. However, as times have changed, slots have evolved to appeal to a wider market.

Bingo Casino in Texas Bingo Casino in Texas

Photo courtesy Naskila Facebook page

Apart from Naskila Entertainment’s hybrid slot-bingo machines, online gaming providers are also “branching out” by tapping pop-culture themes and integrating them into their titles. A good example of these are the “Superman” slot games that tap into geek culture in order to appeal to the young adult demographic. Fluffy Favourites is also an example of the new breed of slots that offers hardcore slot machine action as well as adorable animations and cute animals to boot. These Hello Kitty-like designs appeal to players who have a liking for charming sketches, just as Naskila’s hybrid slot-bingo machines will attract bingo lovers.

The casino will operate 24/7 from the moment it opens its doors to the public. Experts are hopeful that the casino will do better than the prior establishment, predominantly due to it being able to serve guests for 24 hours, the gaming facility can hold over 700 guests at a time. This is a major improvement given the fact that the Old Naskila could only hold approximately 500 guests. Naskila Entertainment will mainly cater to low-rollers, as it will have machines that accept bets as low as a nickel and dime.​

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